Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I will bring you hope, old friend"

Brenda and my unnamed potentially-litigious friend ("Lis! I better not see that on the blog tomorrow or so help me...!") were discussing again how shocking it is that we can't find world news in America.

It's harder to blame us for being ignorant when you realize how controlled our US media sources are. We're living in Big Brother country: endless media streams of the slutterati and what shoes to buy, but no stories about how our recession causes a domino effect in every country. We may think we're an island, but we're intricately linked to everyone...our decisions, our buying patterns, our vote.

The news did have a blip about ecstatic Parisians selling Obama-themed doggy items. Glittered collars and t-shirts and the like. (The US news chants "Buy, America! Shop don't think!") Ah, the French and their dogs and their politics. Love the enthusiasm. Love the hope.

Let's hope this Titanic is turning from the iceberg in time...because escaping to another country for economic relief is as likely as there being enough rafts onboard for all of us.


Hugo Fuchs said...

There's plenty of world news, just not on 99.5% of the TV stations, the other 0.5% is talking about war or oil if it is the middle-east and africa, manufacturing if it is Japan or China, and the EU if it about England.

If you want to know about anything else, you need to hit the web. Just remember that Newscorp owns most of your world media.

Kid Sis said...

No shit, right?? Grrr.

Andrew Ironwood said...

Other than the BBC, I've always found the Naked News site to be my best bet fer international news [grin]...

Hugo Fuchs said...

Yeah, I've known about the Naked News since its inception. I guess the naked news for ladies starring male anchors didn't do enough business, as I don't see a link anymore. Of course that was a few years ago.

Then again, we were discussing content, not delivery.