Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holy Christ Balls

It was brilliant to see Mark Greene and Dr. Romano back on ER tonight. Geez. Bet the show regrets not doing whatever was necessary to keep them around after seeing this episode. Nice job, guys.

"I still remember when Mark Greene and Doug Ross were running the place," longtime "ER" nurse Chuny Marquez lamented in a December 2007 episode.

"Who?" two of her newer colleagues responded.

Man, ER is a freaking institution. I haven't watched it regularly in at least three years, but it's going to be strange to have it off the air. I have my ol' friend Raquel to blame for the early seasons of watching but there were years when it was me and mom, or me and Brenda (always swearing about the nursing inaccuracies). My favorite story arc was the one where they brought Mare Winningham back while Steve De Jarnatt was directing. Or anything with Doug and Julie. My single favorite episode was the Valentine's one where Carter was stabbed and looked across the bloody hospital floor to see LUCY, gasping for life, bleeding and dying. C'est fantastique!

Got a little soft spot for Mr. Anthony Edwards. Oh hey, you all know I want you to watch MIRACLE MILE. But here's another of Goose's hidden 80's gems: GOTCHA. Seriously. Check it out. Preferably imbibed.


Michael said...

Gotcha is great! I remember wishing I was on a college campus to be able to play the game. Now we just need to change the guns for cell phones and... Oh wait, that's the game I want to devlop now.

Brian Fies said...

I confess I took a peek at ER last night after giving up on it a few years ago. Seeing Greene and Romano (and also Carrie Weaver and Jerry!) again was a nice reminder of how good that show used to be and how the luster faded, at least for me. The episode did nothing to convince me to pick up the series again--in fact, maybe the opposite--though I thought Angela Bassett did a fine job.

Kid Sis said...

Michael, Yea!!!! "LA! We love it!" Strangely, I realized that GOTCHA influenced both my decision to go to UCLA (I, too, wanted to play that game on campus) and my desire to go to Prague. Too strange. So how would cell phones work? Take pix of the people you're assigned to "kill"? Or is that giving away your million dollar idea...

Bri, see I never knew you watched ER! Cool! Thanks for bringing up Weaver and Jerry. And yes, I had no desire to watch again. It just made me sad for the good ol' days and showed it COULD still be that good but...sigh.