Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Test tube rack: $30

Labcoat: $20

Thomas Dolby CD: $12

Rollerblades: $50

Waking up from my Nyquil-induced nightmare to realize I didn't in fact have twenty minutes left to choreagraph a routine to SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE or I would flunk P.E. and therefore not graduate from highschool?



Hugo Fuchs said...

Priceless is writing it up as a scene to put in a movie later. Why waste a perfectly good hallucination?

"Drugs are your friends, treat them with respect. You wouldn't throw your friends in the garbage. You wouldn't flush your friends down the toilet. If that's the way you treat your friends or your drugs, you don't deserve to have either."
- Marid Audrian

Kid Sis said...

God, you're right. Even my nightmares are cinematic.