Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Seven Gayest Moments in Horror

Too much fun.

Hey, I'm now reviewer #26 on Netflix! See what taking a month off to be romanced and pleasured by an endless stream of ridiculously handsome gorgeous Italian men does for the ol' Hollywood career!!?

(Uh...make you want to move to Italy? Right away?)


Hugo Fuchs said...

LOL ... Just remember, vacationing there is not the same as living there.

So, are you going to tell us about the loooong, bitter story about the Pisa business or do you intend to keep us in suspense for awhile?

Kid Sis said...

Whaaaaaaat??? It would be EXACTLY like that!!!!! Bubble-bursting bastardo... ;)

Ah, Pisa...must gather more strength to tell story...