Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mickey Rourke's not through yet

Fantastic actor, often given short shrift. I've been so happy for his "comeback" in SIN CITY (Comeback? Check his IMDb record; dude never stopped working just because he wasn't being noticed.). And now THE WRESTLER:

I'm there. Love it.

And if you haven't seen the also criminally underrated Walter Hill's fascinating JOHNNY HANDSOME, rent it. Netflix has it, so other places must, too. Unfortunately it's pan and scan, but it's better than an old VHS copy. And it's Rourke's last great 80s performance. Stunning work. (Um...not that WILD ORCHID wasn't stunning also but...well...okay, last best non-actual-sex-on-camera 80s role.)


Anna said...

I am an old MRourke fan myself. Great actor. How nice to hear of him again! And yes I remember JHandsome. Will have to look for the films you've now mentioned.

Hugo Fuchs said...

It's definately looks better than many of the things going to the theater. I'll try to see it.