Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More snaps from Prague

The Bashower. On the plus side, Jen has heated floors and towel racks!

No kids allowed, but bring your dog aboard!

Colored Communism. Hmmn. You know, a coldly-designed cookie-cutter dorm building is still that, even in easter egg colors...but at least they're trying to make it theirs.

Amazingly effective windows...why don't we have these?

Funny, no one looks like this chic at Comic-Con...

The "Make Sure He's Dead!" store. A companion piece to defenestration?

Fred and Ginger

Local style: Mullets required, weird hair dye strongly suggested.


Hugo Fuchs said...

Does, the Bashower still have enough water pressure to get one off? I'm guessing it does.

I'd allow a dog over a child almost anytime. Dogs are better behaved in general.

We don't have them, like many European efficiency products, because the USofA is the most wasteful country energy wise. Although I here several others are now going to vying for the title.

Actually, there's usually at least a couple people with costumes like that at any convention. They are, unfortunately, generally lost amongst the ocean of bad costumes.

If you need a store like that, your walls aren't high enough.

If I were the council of Prague (or whatever they call their governing body), then I would write that all new buildings must at least externally fit in with the old city design, thus assuring a long life of being a movie set for medieval movies. I'd also make sure the signs, powerlines and night lighting weren't obtrusive. I'd also probably push for limiting vehicle traffic and go in for a public transportation system(preferably a subway).

That strange building must be to show sober people what it'd look like if they were on acid or hallucinagens.

As for the mullets, it'll wear off there, just like it did here ... eventually.

Also, I also wish that builders of concrete buildings would get a clue and put carving details in the molds and would use colored concretes to break up the monotonous greys of the cities of the world.

Zombie said...

Grah, so much nostalgia. I can't tell you how jealous I am right now!