Sunday, November 16, 2008

Celebrities without makeup

I, for one, feel better.

Oh. Or was I supposed to cognize the converse conclusion from this evidence? More like, wear makeup 24/7 and have the world at your feet.


Hugo Fuchs said...

Regarding make-up, I find most women wear too much. It's supposed to highlight the natural features, not obscure them. If you ever read the contents of make-up, and the effects they have on the body, they'd limit it alot more.

I've seen the Star phenomenon. Men or Women saying "I'd love to have a chance at her/him." referring to one star or another, while there were available women/men working at the same place as them who were as good looking with the make-up and better without. I gave up trying to explain it to them. Especially since stars are often high-maintenance, psychologically fragile, and likely to have drug or alcohol habits.

Then again, I've never been starstruck like that. I tend to treat them as normal people, which either they're really happy about or really annoyed by it. I've overheard them have conversations about their families and day-to-day problems. Oddly enough, they are the about the same problems that non-stars have.

I'd rather date someone who didn't need make-up caked on to look good, who wasn't psychologically challenged, and who didn't need to alter their brain via drugs to have fun. Then again, my idea of fun is not going to the bar to get drunk.

Brea said...

seriously. make up does wonders.
i will be the first to confess.

Kid Sis said...

Hahaha Brea, you have been lookin fantastic ;)