Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What. The. Eff.

Soooo...McG (Siiiiiiigh) is directing T4 and cast the younger version of the great warrior Kyle Reese.

So let me see if I have this story straight.

This possibly crazy knight:

Who has grown up underground, in the dark, in war, battling unstoppable killing machines all his life...

...Travels through SPACE AND TIME to save the life of and spend one warm night of solace in the arms of this woman king:

...knowing he will have that one sublime night and then die, but that he will impregnate her with the great military leader of the resistance who might just grow up to save the human race.

Yes? That is the stupendous Terminator story.

And this is the douchebag McG thinks Kyle Reese was ten years prior to this story:


That's one big steaming pile of Awesome that McG wants us to eat. I mean, I guess if I squint hard I can see callouses on the kid's hands from the work camps humans are slaves in. And the gun practice and the hand to hand combat and...What? No? You can't see this wuss scoring McLovin' from one of the world's hottest, fiercest, most brilliant women of all time? You think you could probably give him a wedgie and he'd cry and let you take her to the Prom instead?

I hope McG pays his security guards a lot. Maybe he's got one of those newfangled invisible forcefields around his McMansion. Because I'm picturing an army of schizo T -100 fans in aluminum foil hats flailing their arms and running at it repeatedly, screaming "23 great wounds, all got in battle"...all of them more frighteningly convincing than that poor wuss actor.

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Lynda said...

The storyline has changed so much, I am surprised that John Connor didn't change the timeline to erase his existance.