Sunday, March 30, 2008

There it is

Had the second best meal of my life, Friday night at The Grove at Morel's. French, of course. Lamb Osso Bucco with White Bean Cassoulet.

Holy effing Zeus. It was all I could do not to moan at the table.

It helped that I was already tipsy from drinking half a Bellini. French food absolutely must be ravished with whatever level of alchohol gets you tipsy. For me, half-an-anything.

I sat alone outside in my bright pink dress, finished reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and watched all the people strolling and the fountain show with music. It was lovely.

My favorite part was the way the handsome male server brought the dish out. He set it down with the sweet, cocksure attitude of a man who knows he's bringing a woman ecstacy. He looked soooo happy as he observed me, then cautioned me the clay pot was too hot. Ahhhhh, a protecter and provider. Bliss.

And then later the molten chocolate mousse souffle, accompanied with a delightful little grin as he begged me to enjoy it. Deliciooooousness. Such serious business for him, pleasuring a single woman who loves consuming French food. Fantastic. This type of man is who I'm looking to share my life with.

If you don't live in LA, this recipe appears to be a dang close approximation. Good luck; it's got more steps and ingredients than I want to play with. But I'm just practical that way. $22 at a gorgeous restaurant versus my time and $40 at the grocery store says I'm headed right back to Morel's for a public orgasm...the heart wants what the heart wants.


JC said...

Not sure I want to love a French man, they all wear black and white striped shirts and to show their love - do they not pull you round by the hair - lol

Lynda said...

I almost feel like I was there myself.

Kid Sis said...

JC, my waiter was 100% California Actor. Hard to find any other kind of waiter in Hollywood, LOL! But i love the French...all of them.

Lynda, awww! Thanks. When do we get to meet in person? Gotta let me know when you're in SR next.

legallyblonde said...

Almost feel as if I was there myself.

If I was gorgeous like you, then men will drool over me.

On another topic, what happened to the cute dog, Hero?