Saturday, March 22, 2008

Real beauty

Yea Jamie Lee Curtis! She's posing topless in AARP! Check out these two articles about her beliefs on aging.

Curtis Drops Top to Make a Point
Jamie Lee Curtis Drops Her Top To Make a Point

I love what she says about all the possessions she's given away.


Kid Sis said...

Here's a post I received by email:

Granted, this is so super awesome however I do recall Curtis herself admitting to years of plastic surgery and more plastic surgery before she found this definition of, and peace with, what's real beauty! Critical, folks, critical. Many thousands of dollars of work, makeup artists, and glam wardrobe primed her to arrive at this life-altering realization. I think it's important to be honest about that process and Curtis's substantial privileges - not just celebrate her realization. Anyway, I haven't read all the articles so maybe I'm premature here...? AND, it seems Curtis has a very supportive, loving husband. Thanks.

had wanted to post it anonymously yet i wasn't allowed!

Kid Sis said...

Really great points A. privilege and entitlement are in the water here, to the point we forget what normal life is. Now that you say that, I remember plastic surgery confessions too.

Looking forward to the Griddle tomorrow! I'm ordering the Kahlua pancakes.