Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's a good life, cont.

Last night we screened "The Commune" for two of my other favorite men, Charles and Charlie (in no particular order). Charlie (don't miss his blog's quote log) was in the movie but hadn't seen a cut, and poor Charles (who inadvisably let me corrupt his 7-year-old in the film) hadn't seen it since giving valued feedback on Version 2 (We're now at 10). What a fun, glowing night! Success!

Got to meet fellow blogger/filmmaker/wit Eric Escobar today. Fantastic lunch at a blink-and-you're-in-Paris cafe. Jealous of their mussels recipe; absolutely divine. Mind-blowing when dipping french bread into it. And the cheese plate! (And yes, I continue to have awesome skills at finding real life friends via blogging. You people always rule as much as your Matrix avatars).

Then came to my second home, editor Todd Miro's, where his long suffering wife Jeanine graciously put up with me staying yet another night as we finish "The Commune" in time for the LA Film Festival deadline. So far I've managed to crash his b-day, her b-day, their anniversary, and Valentine's Day...and they're still together!!! It's true love if you're still putting up with your hubby after that level of inconsideration from me. Urgh. Can't wait to surprise them Christmas Eve. I should show up on their doorstep with two suitcases, "Honies, I'm home!"

Tonight's rolicking Saturday night was Jeanine in bed at 10 pm exhausted from their two firecracker boys and a full work week, and Todd and me MST3king to "It's Alive", and watching "The Matrix" and dreaming of storyboarding "Pistoleras." So pretty much the only thing different about this Saturday night from any other is I didn't look like a crazy person talking to myself, and I got to have more of the delish petite syrah Charlie left us.


legallyblonde said...

Perfect quote to your Friday evening..."it's a good life". I want to go to the LA film festival so I can see your film.

FYI, the link to the guest log blog is not working. The link to the Charles blog worked, though.

And where was that cafe where you can dip french bread? Sounds yummy!!

Kid Sis said...

I'll have to ask Eric, I was in a happy food haze and didn't think to look at the name!

That would be so cool if you came to LA!

And thanks for the headsup on the broken link :)