Thursday, March 27, 2008

Advice from Yoda

From Maria Forleo, one of my many weekly ezines:

Here's 5 reason's why you need to stop "trying" to do anything.

1. Trying keeps you constipated and stuck.

If you're sitting down, I want you to try to stand up. Go ahead. TRY to stand up. If you're following the direction, you should look...well...constipated. You're probably stuck somewhere between sitting and standing with a slightly, um, strained look on your face. Whenever you "try" to do anything, you're undermining your ability to just make things happen. When you remove the word "try", you can just do it. There's immediacy, power and action at your service.

2. Trying gives you permission to quit on yourself.

If you tell yourself you're going to "try" to lose weight, do you think you'll be successful? Probably not. When you "try" to do anything, whether you realize it or not, you're giving yourself permission to quit. And having the "backdoor open" on any new venture is a surefire way to let yourself down when the going gets tough. Instead, get clear on what you intend to do and just do it. You'll be far more likely to produce what you say you want.

3. Trying makes you "flaky."

Did you ever have a friend that "tried" to make it to a party and never showed? Anytime someone tells me they'll "try" to come somewhere, I know they won't make it. And to be honest, when someone say's they'll "try to be there" enough times, I stop asking. They get slotted into the flaky, not count-on-able category. It's much better to simply say yes or no. And if you're really unsure, be transparent and let people know what your circumstances are. This way your "try" will have honestly and validity behind it.

4. Trying erodes your trust in yourself.

After you "try" enough times and fail, you have no trust in YOU. When you don't trust yourself, it's very difficult to make more money, grow your business and have the kind of magical life you DESERVE. Why? Because whether you realize it or not, your success in life hinges on your ability to give and keep your word. When you give your word and keep it consistently, you gain a tremendous amount of personal power. Then you can trust YOURSELF to make things happen.

5. Trying makes Yoda sad. Please be kind.

Even though he's tiny, wrinkly and green, Yoda's got feelings too. When you "try", you shove Yoda's priceless Jedi wisdom back in his face. Sources tell me his feelings get so hurt that he sits on the couch and eats an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's Mint Cookie Chip ice cream. In case you didn't know, Yoda is lactose intolerant. It's not a happy evening for him. So if none of the other reasons are compelling enough for you, please stop "trying" for Yoda's sake. OK :)?

Remember, the first step in any transformation is awareness. The fastest way to stop "trying" is start noticing all the ways you do! Then it becomes easy to shift out of "try" and into powerful action.

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kristen said...

This is all very true. "Try" is a bad word I'm going to try (eek!) to phase out.

Nope - revise that - I'm going to phase it out.