Saturday, March 01, 2008

Great googly moogly

Soooo...I should be enjoying my new cheap laptop. Blissful and happy right? Especially since I was tired of everyone making fun of the way my old laptop regularly let out a bantha scream and shut down every 12 minutes.

But no...EFfing Vista. I can't find anything, nothing works the way it used to, it came preloaded with garbage that takes up 40 gigs of my harddrive...that's all the room I had on my old laptop, and I functioned just fine on it for three years! And I still haven't figured out why it won't let me on the internet, so now I have to have both computers set up all the time...

Oh, and the piracy prevention tools? They let you go ahead and use the software, then have it shut down and kick you out when you try to save.


Can I wake up and have it be early 2007 again when I could effectively work on a computer? Please? Twilight Zone gods? I've got shit to do...

And you mac users, stop snickering. I bought that computer for 800 US dollars. That wouldn't have even gotten me Photoshop in Mac world. Must be nice to be rich.


Joseph said...

Hi Kid Sis, I was cruising the net looking for a cartoonist and I saw your blog about Vista.
Weird enough, I'm a tech support dude at See top tech: Joseph McCluskey

Anyway, I can help with Vista some but what I really want to know is how are you cartoon drawing skills and do you have time for a project?
Thanks, Joseph McCluskey bizguide@comcast .ne t fix that and email me!

Kevin Church said...

I just switched to using Macs after spending a month with Vista doing everything it could to shove its idiocy down my throat.

Things you can do to improve your Vista experience, at least as far as speed and the like goes:

Stop using that Aero color scheme. This tells you how to do that.

Use CCleaner to get rid of the cruft in your system once a month. Vista loves to create files once and never touch them again. This will help slow down the bloat. BONUS: It's got a great software removal tool built in so you can get rid of clingy add-ins you don't want.

Disable whatever the hell that Dashboard feature is. That shit sucks, dogg.

And I hear you about the cost on Macs, but let me tell you, the experience has been a dramatic improvement for me, especially after I got 4gigs of RAM through for cheap. (That is another thing you can do to improve Vista. Shove a lot more RAM in. Data Memory systems is CHEAP and GOOD, so I recommend them, but you can shop around.)

Holler at me if you have any particular questions - I've still got a Vista laptop the dayjob stuck me with that I've FINALLY managed to turn into something good.

m said...

I totally cant afford Macs, but I find the means and it's so worth it. And I can run Windows on it. Fast.

However, my advice for working with Vista...downgrade to XP.

Not every update is an improvement.

Eric Escobar said...

I can't even begin to comment on this one. For the love of God sell an organ and buy an f'ing Macintosh. Besides, how will you color correct on that Vista machine?

Kid Sis said...

Uuuuuurgh!!!! Guh.

Joseph, nice to meet you! You need to speak to my brother about his awesome ninja cartooning skills. He's reachable at
Good luck!

To my regular menfolk, thanks for the advice. Sigh. Okay, I'll figure something out. So tired of "upgrading" always being a dang productivity killer!