Friday, March 07, 2008

General update

Enjoying my cleaner home, and my Chinese food leftovers. Mmmmn.

First Match guy I sent my phone number to wanted to have phone sex. Here's hoping the next five are serious gentleman.

Have you seen the photo of Shia?

Blockbuster dude wasn't working yesterday either. What the hell? Turned off 30 Days of Night, freaking loved Right at Your Door, and am about to embark on The Darjeeling Limited.

I've had incredibly itchy palms, which in my family means money is coming.

Learned to make sure if I screen the movie for someone to make sure to show them the whole thing. Really important.

Setting up screenings for all the bands we're featuring in the film. Love the soundtrack!

Keep checking the price on this beautiful silk chemise online at Saks. I'm lounging around in a satin one right now, and boy would I like to upgrade to this silk one. Yum.

Avoiding showering and taxes. Not going to spontaneously go to SXSW. Am spontaneously going to nap in my luxurious hotel-like bed. All weekend. Maybe with Blockbuster boy if I can find him? Men are so elusive...

That's me, for now.

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