Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've been studying men and women and learning how to build empowering partnerships through this amazing series of workshops. The word PAX is Latin for peace, and it is their intention to end the war between the sexes. It also stands for Partnership, Acceptance and Xtasy...three of my favorite noble qualities.

This info goes beyond "recommending" from me...this is life-changing, world-transforming, should-be-required-of-high-school-students work. I'm going to be talking about PAX more over the next few months, as their philosophies are becoming so integrated in my life it would be impossible not to.

So here is an awesome article to start with:

Learning About Men From Men
by Alison A. Armstrong

In over a decade of studying men, we have learned the most from listening to them. Most graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® will say that the Panel of Men in their workshop was the best part. By learning how to listen to men, and practicing creating the kind of environment in which men really open up and express themselves, you can hear the same extraordinary responses from the men in your life. To help you, here is a list of 101 Great Questions to ask men and some reminders of what is really important to remember when listening to men.

How to Listen to Men
To create the kind of situation that enables men to communicate fully, remember this:

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