Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Before he left for the airport, Big Bro put up my pole. Pretty darn exciting. The painter saw it and laughed jovially about us Hollywood freaks doing the darndest things. But of course he still took a spin on it. No one can resist the fun of the pole. Now I just need to lose a little weight and gain a little arm strength so I can climb it like my petite Ssss Sistahs.

It was great to have Bri and my nieces here. Kind of fun to have a two-day visit. Felt decadent, especially since school started for them today. We watched Kung Fu Hustle and Boondock Saints, which were both very fun.

Last night I took the first ten pages of my third/fourth draft of a script into class. Everything went great in the feedback (rythm, dialogue, characters, tranisitions all great)...until someone noticed now my inciting incident was happening offscreen. God damn it. Don't you hate when the floor drops out under you like that? Back to the drawing board. Wendall said not to fret, that she didn't intuitively get structure for years either. Aarrrrgh.


moses said...

What I love, and I suppose this is true for anything, but I love witnessing myself getting more adept at writing. Granted I'm still a fledging and prone to drivel but it's nice to see myself becoming more confident with each draft. And it wouldn't be possible without those people pointing out the flaws. Damn them.

And I enjoyed Boondock Saints as well. Worth checking out "Overnight" a doc about the Troy Duff pouring gasoline on his career and asking for a light.

Anonymous said...


"Big Bro put up my pole..."

That's just about as surreal a sentence as I've seen...

I seem to recall once, on a dare, my brother trying to hoist me up a FLAGpole... but I was about 5 years old.


Christina said...

Keep up the good work and keep your eye on the prize.

cosmictwin said...

cosmic twin calling - I just watched Kung Fu Hustle over here in Venice!

I was saying the same thing about myself as a writer yesterday, or rather, the writer in me suddenly able to recognize how green the re-writer is.

cosmic twin said...

Ok, the Sexy Brazilian Name generator
just gave me ADELITA COELHO. Uh, how did it know about those two screenplays of mine???? Adelitas, and then other about the Camino, for which Paolo Coelho's book gave me the inspiration years before. qewl, huh.

Kid Sis said...

Moses, that's true. Even two months seems to make a drastic difference now. I'm going into my eighth UCLA class in a few weeks (in 15 months), and I suspect I am going to be feeling much more confident about the whole process. Hopefully with the next script I can even eliminate some of the future rewrite issues I've been expereincing this summer. Thanks for the doc's in my queue!

MIM, yeah, well...such is the life of an eccentric Hollywood gal.

Christina, smiles! You, too.

Cosmic Twin, I know! Gone are the days when I thought it was insulting to have to rewrite something. Now I get that writing IS rewriting! Too funny about KFH.
The name generator...that's just CRAZY. Especially since they asked for your real name to get it. I'm still shaking my head. I got Adriana Menezes, and a pic of some chick in a thong. Not nearly as exciting. Hey, when are we going to hang out/catch up? I've got a ton of movies on my list to see!

jay said...

We watched Kung Fu Hustle and Boondock Saints, which were both very fun.

Are you cribbing my Netflix selections?

Because I swear, those are at the top of my queue right now.

Kid Sis said...

Whoa now Jay...I already watched them! You're the copycat!

Enjoy, they were great! :)

. said...

Found your Blog via Citizen of the Month's Blogroll.
Great Blog and going to work my way through it.

Adding you to my Blogroll also.