Friday, August 19, 2005

Hollywood Blvd Girls Girls Girls

Seriously. Who's the jackhole who typed the above into google and came to my site? Enquiring minds want to know.

Mom's got a new post up at Mom's Recovery.

And here's a great description of fandamentalism. Guilty? Sure you are. Occasionally. Admit it, you're amongst friends.

Go Meg, with your big bad self!


Kid Sis said...

Whoa. What happened???

Kid Sis said...

"Hollywood dominates the world so much it's scary. And it's just a village with a few people. It's very small and very provincial. And there's always this accepted knowledge: 'Oh, we can't make a movie with him, because his last movie tanked.' There's no long-term plan or view -- nothing. But I need their money."
– Terry Gilliam offers some kind words for Hollywood

It's a good thing he didn't mention wanting more roles for people of color, gays and women.

Anonymous said...

I haven't dealt with Blogs too much, but yours caught my attention. It was personal and yet not overdone. I'm trying to get a site together about, Handwriting Analysis, and had to ask for help. When I tried to put in words like, personality tests , it seemed to throw everything off. Well, I enjoyed yours and if you check mine feel free to write to critique it !

Kid Sis said...

What sneaky spam. It's funny though, because there are some people running around leaving comments on bloggers' sites just to try to get a link back to theirs. Where do people find the time to care?

Anonymous said...

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Christina said...

I've been getting those as well and deleting them. Jeez, if it's not perverts, it's spammers!
What a royal travesty!

Brookelina said...

1. Curse them out. Then delete. It's fun.

2. Did Fergie pee? Or is that just a bad case of sweatcrotch?

3. My blog has been found several times by people (horny boys I'm guessing) searching for Brooke Burke's tits.

Meg said...

Gotta love the spam...out of curiosity, how have people figured out what search terms lead to their blogs??

Thanks for the shout-out on your blog, by the way! :) Oh, I saw Murderball last night, and damn: why the hell aren't people flocking to this film?? Why? Do they really think that Wedding Crashers merits more attention? Ugh...

Christina - thanks for visiting my site! I completely see with (and agree with, to some extent) your point - I'm a little schizo on the issue, and those were just thoughts I'd posted at the time...anyway, 'preciate the comments.

Later, all!


Kid Sis said...

Christina, I know!!!! WTF?

Brooke, LOL!!!! Well, that awesome pic of you probably gets some unwanted attention. As far as sure looks like pee to me. But I don't know the story, I just know what Fug And Defamer posted.

Kid Sis said...

Meg, if you go to, you can put a free counter on your site that will show you "referrers". This is the site people were on before they clicked over to your site!

Hey, you deserved the shout out!

OMG! Yea!!!! okay, so now TWO people I know have seen Murderball. Wasn't it FABULOUS!!!! Thank you so much for commenting here. I keep hoping if other people see it and rave, maybe we can influence some readers to go.