Wednesday, August 03, 2005

World Peace

And no deficit. Right? Surely only such joyous news could be cause for another presidential vacation.


John Donald Carlucci said...

That bothers me a lot too.

A whole lot.


Anonymous said...

"And from the president's point of view, the long Texas stints are the best way to clear his mind and reconnect with everyday America."

What the...?

By going on a ranch with fences and security keeping him at least 400 yards from anyone not on a government or multimedia conglomerate payroll?

For a man who seems to have such little consideration for the feelings of the people of European nations (according to my wife who just got back from a weeklong trip there), he REALLY seems to enjoy their work-hours, what with two-hour mid-day breaks and five weeks of paid vacation per year.


Anonymous said...

Man, I need a job like that, where everybody does the thinking for me and I just eat and nap and go on vacation. He's like a house pet!


Lynne said...

A housepet that no one would want.

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moses said...

anonymous #1 nailed my favorite sentence... probably a simpler and better way for him to clear his mind, sneeze...

okay maybe a little unfair chewing on the caricature, but if he wants to connect with everyday America start with a quick revaluation of time here and take two weeks not five.

but to play devils advocate, just cause it's fun, it could all be a matter of semantics. say vacation and i'm thinking soft sand, blue sea, and buckets of discarded little umbrellas.

Neil said...

Everyone deserves a vacaction, but most of us only get it once a year.

Kid Sis said...

Wish I could force everyone in America to watch Corporation and Outfoxed.