Monday, August 29, 2005


Nurse Sis just reminded me that even though she's not ready, the hospital could send Mom home any which point our lives will change drastically. She's thinking about getting away for a few days, and suggested I plan the same...Anyone want to go somewhere? Vague, I know. My brain is fuzzy, and I'm not used to the travelling idea.

Normally I would say N'orleans, but...those poor people. I'm so freaked out for them. Floodin is my biggest recurring nightmare, which I'm sure Jung would say is me drowning in emotions I can't handle.


Anonymous said...

You're scared of water? Me, too! Twinkies.

How about NYC? Do you still have friends there from grad school?

Maybe Hawaii? That even might be fun to go by yourself and pick up hot surfer dudes.

I'd invite you to Michigan, but there ain't nothin' to do 'round these parts. And my family is gearing up to visit for the celebration -- jinxing me by calling me "doctor" -- argh! -- don't they realize I still have the dissertation defense to go -- and I'm already getting calls every other hour arguing about when we're going where, what we're doing, etc. Whoo-boy. Like to spare you THAT ordeal.


Anonymous said...

mexico baby!


Anonymous said...

Allow me to suggest one of my favorite places:

The Apple Farm Inn, located just off the 101 at the Monterey Avenue exit in San Luis obispo. About a 3-hour drive out of Los Angeles.

Stayed there during my first trial, which my firm and client paid for. CC and I try to go every other Fall with the kids.

Some of the niceties, IIRC, include --

-- the best freaking bakery in the State, including fresh scones and baked apples everyday
-- fresh-made, floppy buttermilk pancakes running about 12" wide at breakfast
-- a beautiful, shady foot-bridge and creek in the back
-- fresh mill-pressed cider and millchurned ice cream in the shops
-- Victorian-style decor
-- fireplace in every room (not best in this heat, but still...)
-- available horse-drawn carriage rides on weekend nights
-- one of the last truly independent, mom-and-pop bijou-style movie theaters right down Monterey Avenue
-- a large used book store right across the intersection from there
-- stone's throw away from Psimo Beach, "all the clams you can eat" to steal from Bugs Bunny cartoons
-- cleaner air with a hint of the salt of the Pacific on the breeze.

A little bit of heaven right outside L.A. Look 'em up online and you'll die from the cuteness.


PS -- If you go, BRING ME BACK A PIE!!!

MoDigli said...

Mexico sounds GOOD!! And you're so close! Oooh! Then again, how about Lake Tahoe? That's not too far from you, and it's SO GORGEOUS!

American Knight said...

Mexico and spicy Latin folk a good combo... Santa Barbara is always nice though

Kid Sis said...

Wow. Torn between Mexico and NYC.

Great ideas, all. Fun to dream.

Of course, Mom's PT person just quit because Mom refused to get out of bed she might actually be sent home forcibly sometimes quite soon. Say, oh, tomorrow maybe?

Foiled again. How is it she can always tell when I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and could really use a couple days off?

Hey, here's another reason to love Warren Ellis, from his email list:

"And the reason I only use female moderators on boards is that I find women are better socialised and much smarter (and usually more level-headed) about interaction and discourse. Also, their presence tends to make a statement about the openness and non-locker-room-stench of a place." - WE

Lynne said...

au contraire! Traverse City Michigan is a great place to visit. It's still warm at this time, the waters are crystal clear, there are giant sand dunes along the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, there is great food, wine, and absolutely stunning scenery.

I recommend the area, truly, it is a treasure.

NN: of course, if you are downstate like I am, in the Lansing area, I would completely agree with you!!!

Fun Joel said...

I'll be in NYC 9/21-26, so if we don't meet here at some point, we can do it there! ;-) Otherwise, let's go to Hawaii! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynne,

Didn't mean to diss Michigan or Michiganders... Lake Superior is divine and Lake Michigan is beautiful (though very, very cold, if I remember right).

I'm in Ann Arbor, which is a lovely place to live but there's not much to DO here that can't be done in LA, apart from oogling the deciduous trees.

Unless you have a car and want to drive elsewhere, you know?

But, again, it's a lovely place to live...


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Anonymous said...

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amanda said...

(The real (other) amanda, not the spammer who claims to be me.)

I'm here in NYC. All the time.

So if you can't come now, you could come at another date. I'll still be in NYC.

So sorry to hear about your mom's PT situation.

Kid Sis said...

True Amanda, thanks!!!