Thursday, August 11, 2005


We're nearing the 25,000 mark. Keep those hits coming! It's like Christmas...

In honor of recent Hollywood Hills fires, what would you REALLY take if you had twenty minutes to save things from your house?

After the animals, computer, and hardcopies, I was shocked that I was willing to let it all burn. I used to be a photo album girl, but after cleaning out my Grandmother's house after her death, I realized how much the photos tie you to the past and sadness...emotionally backing up all those media theory classes about the unnatural thought processes the invention of the camera created.

I think the Budhists have something going on for them.

And please, continue posting your fav scenes! Too fun.


Anonymous said...

My sweetheart. My cat. My laptop. My purse. And a bottle of Jack.

God willing, I'll never have make that choice!


MoDigli said...

Wow! You ARE rocking the hits, aren't you? Let's have a blog party when you hit 25,000.

I would have to say also -
photographs (sorry! I'm stuck in the past! LOL!)
and.... Jewelry! (especially family jewelry. Yeah, which I have so much of! ... ha!)
*eyes rolling*


The Dummy said...

25k?! Wow. Any prizes for number 25k? I'd just take my computer, I realized. And my cell phone. I can rebuild everything with that.

Kid Sis said...

NN, lovin' the alcohol.

Mo, please! I think that's great. I just realized in a way how a fire could also be a liberation...But actually, we grabbed the family jewelry too. And my autographed catwoman picture from Ms. Newmar after I finished my thesis, and the corporation documents and Mom's writing and photo album of her youth. And my toothbrush and pills and retainers and my favorite piano sheet music. Everything else was going to stay.

DD, right on! We can rebuild it...

Blog party sounding good!!!!!

Christina said...

It's pretty bad but I'd save my jewelry boxes, poetry books, photo albums, guitar, videos of my shows, laptop and my lamb chop (stuffed animal).

Christina said...

I have a play bill signed by the original batman and catwoman..Julie Newmar..I worked with them on Hope & Gloria.

Anonymous said...

Start a list for fave TV scenes, and then things will go out of control...


Anonymous said...

Oh, and to answer the question...

(1) Wife
(2) Kids (cats will run like heck on their own)
(3) Photo albums -- 'cause when it comes down to it, I have but two treasures in the world: the people I live, and the pictures I have of them.
(4) Phone book
(5) Emergency file -- the file box that has the birth records, insurance policies, most recent tax stuff.
(6) Keys -- house may burn down, but the cars work.
(7) Cell phones.
(8) Wallet/ purse.
(9) CPU and CD-ROMS where all the baby pictures are stored.
(10) Wedding ring -- OK, other than pictures, the single most valuable physical object I own. I went through a lot to have the right to wear it, and I take it off before I go to bed so I don't lose it. Ain't losing that thing.

After that, the rest is somehow, someway replaceable.


Kid Sis said...

Courtesy of Billy Mernit's site, check out

The Awful Writer said...

I just bumped you over 25,000. Congradulations!