Monday, August 08, 2005

Everyone Back on the Bus?

INTERESTING. Someone is actually using his blog to smear my name, and for "proof" posted ABRIDGED comments from this website after he'd deleted them here so he could change them with impunity. Edited to make himself look good, and to slam myself and my reader and make blanket accusations at us that we're man-hating fascists. Wow. Thank God he and his gullible readers are gone now. My favorite part is that he sent me his screenplay to read a few days ago. Hmmmmm....

To borrow from ass-kicker John Rogers:

Again, our motto at Kung Fu Monkey: "Everybody who wants to live in the 21st century over here. Everybody who wants to live in the 1800's over there. Good. Thanks. Good luck with that."

Alright kiddies, shall we continue?

Finally figured out the mystery of why there is always bark in the mouth of my lion statue. Seriously was bugging the crap out of me. I kept thinking it was a leaf blower, but nooooo...

Little four year old boy down the street has named my lion Nico. And according to his mom, they MUST feed him every day.

Which is really cute, because it's one of those scary lions in mid Aslan-roar. Scared the beejesus out of big bro one day because he didn't know it was there and came face to face with it. But the four year old, he's got the Aslan love mom and I share...I love that we're some little kid's favorite house.


MoDigli said...

Wow! That is sad that ppl have to use blogging for hating on others. :((

There are so many better ways to release frustrations!

The lion story was CUTE!

Kid Sis said...

Isn't that adorbable!!!! makes me smile.

Meg said...

Awwww...I love kids. I miss that permanent state of wonder...reminds me of a co-worker's kids - he took them to the zoo to show them the new endangered sun bear cubs, but they were more captivated by the caterpillar crawling in front of the enclosure...they were wiggly! :)

Rogers said...

You're not man-hating fascists. You're man-hating libertarians with a strong belief in the social contract. And for that, I will fall willingly under your spell when you rule the Earth under Pax Gynecologia.

Damn, being a wingnut is hard ...

American Knight said...

Nice little story... I'll be gladly sticking around for as long as possible.

moses said...

very adorable. and here I am worrying about Plume scandals, money woes, and a just how far we can push this little ball of blue before it pushes back, worthy concerns probably, but to spend some time stuffing bark into a statue's mouth because it could be hungry, well, that's probably the ethos I should be gunning for.

and poor guy, all this work for what? I'll never get it. You can't negate someone's feelings about a thing you know. "God, I feel great today" -- "No you don't" -- okay??

Kid Sis said...

Meg, I know! I'm sure most of our adult neighbors never noticed the addition to our yard, while pint-sized wonderboy has made feeding the lion a daily priority!

John Rogers. Sigh. You're officially my Number One.

AK! As long as you don't bring up weird foot fetishes or be mean to people, I'm glad to have you as long as possible!!!! :)

Moses, I know. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Too freaking cute.

It;d be funny if you put a sign out front that said: "DO NOT FEED THE LIONS... UNLESS you feed him bark and twigs, which he really likes."

...or something like that. ;-)


Cookie said...

Oh, Kid Sis, you're so seriously seriously cool. I even have a few people from my blog sneaking over here and they say the same thing.

Don't let the weird people who have nothing better to do than hang around online and gossip --- don't let them bring you down. You're a very very cool chick!

Kid Sis said...

MIM, I gots to make me a sign. Of course his mom will have to read it to cute, though.

Cookie, thank you!

Rogers is right; being a wingnut is hard.

But soooo worth it. Look at the cool people on my blog!