Saturday, August 27, 2005


Oh, sorry guys. Been so busy. Getting ready for bed now so I don't get sick.

It was great to come back to the site and see how civilized you all were in my absence. Thank you. So many of the people on this site are my good friends; I just can't stand to see any of them slandered because someone disagrees with an opinion of theirs. So great to see a debate where namecalling and defensiveness and inappropriate anger weren't integral "tactics." May the FSM bless you all.

Here's a funny blog exchange I just read on Poor Role Model.

For my cancer crowd, Louise is keeping it real at Bomb in My Belly. Go wish her well.

And look at this great collection of Office Space quotes!

I'll fill you in on my weekend after I've slept some. Too punchy now. But I'll give you a hint. Think DAVID LYNCH.

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