Monday, August 01, 2005

1:11 am

And Nurse Sis is still at the hospital with Mom. See what I mean about keeping her alive? NS is a patient's dream.

My PostSecret...I know who is writing the foreward for Mom's Cancer. And you don't.


Kid Sis said...

Can't sleep, can't sleep...Gods, I wish anxiety translated to burned calories.

Anonymous said...

It does if you pace.

-- Or spend the night scratching yourself like a mangy dog. (This I've recently learned, thanks to my hives.)

I wish itchy anxiousness translated into written pages. Brilliant ones. Not: gawd-muther-f'ing-dammit-why-does-this-sh*t-keep-happening-to-me?

C'est le guerre.


Louie said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mom's situation has improved somewhat. Hopefully things will continue to go her way. Thanks for keeping us updated.

The book foreword...I'm going to guess: Scott McCloud?

Kid Sis said...

NN, sorry. I had to reread "mangy"; it's one of those words that just looks wrong. Like "buses." How many pages to revise?

Louie, glad to know you're not bored or confused by the updates. Every day it's a new story, but that's the reality of living with cancer. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm aloud to answer guesses. But you really thought about that one!

Angie said...

Kid Sis,
Tell Nurse Sis to "Give 'em hell!!!" As our family's Nurse Sis, I totally understand where she is right now.
I'll continue to pray for your family.

Meg said...

Just dropping a line - hope you're managing to get a little sleep. I hate it when my mind races despite my body's desire to crash and burn...hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Ten pages to revise by tomorrow, twenty-five to write by the 19th.

The meds are not working and the hives have spread to my throat, which means I may end up in the hospital. I haven't told anyone on my committee about this because I'm too embarrassed -- what kind of stoopid candy-ass can't finish a dissertation without getting sick?

I'm such a loser.


Kid Sis said...

Angie, she needed to hear that. THANK YOU!

Meg, so sweet. It is an awful conflict...I stayed up til 4 last night watching old movies, but I didn't enjoy it.

NN, you're not a loser. You're just in transition. Try to whip it out fast...I bet those hives magically disappear when you're done.