Saturday, August 06, 2005

Holy Hannah Cabana

Phoned in an order at our fav Thai restaurant and the clerk said "Ahhhhh...Liiiiiz."

No subtext in that. Not sure if it was of the "Miranda from Sex and The City Pathetically Ordering Too Much Takeout" variety, or "Ah I'd Turn Straight For You If I Wasn't a Hard-Rocking Bisexual." Hard to read over the phone. Disconcerting, regardless.

Food I could/do eat every day: Sushi, popcorn, Thai, chocolate.

Et tu?


Meg said...

Bryan and I have always joked that we'd have a rotating weekly menu from Seattle restaurants, even though I love cooking:
Monday - Thai from Jai Thai
Tuesday - sushi from Musashi's (our current weekly fixture)
Wednesday - vegan pizza from Pizza Pi (it's good, I swear!)
Thursday - Indian food
Friday - Thai from Thaiger
Saturday - fine veggie cuisine from Cafe Flora
Sunday - either veggie Chinese from Bamboo Garden or killer Mexican food at Agua Verde

I realize that these names probably don't mean much to people outside the city, but my food preferences are definitely influenced by the cheap student restaurants I know and yes, Thai, Indian, Pho, good veggie food, Italian, sushi and Chinese are the dietary staples of choice...

Kid Sis said...

Yum...we would definitely be dining buddies!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like you are a Notorious Orderer.

One wants a reputation in town, of course, but one based on food ordering -- that's truly original.

Then again, you do have a way with the waitstaff...

(I think you only have to be worried if he starts asking, "is that all for one person?" This is the usual response to *my* orders.)


MoDigli said...

Mmmmm.... food!

I can't live w/out:

dark, dark chocolate
pho (I love that, too, Meg!)
margaritas (alcohol counts as food, right?)
STARBUCKS nonfat sugarfree hazelnut lattes!
cuban black beans and rice

Not necessarily in that order or combination! ha!

Anonymous said...

FOOD! Glorious FOOD!

Nothing worng with being a known customer at a place you unabashedly love.

Remember Big Red Wings in Santa Monica? Sadly, they closed down sometime in the past 4 years -- but the last time I was there (about a week after I started at my last firm), one of the two Russian guys was there, remembered me, shook my hand, and asked if I'd finished law school, how CC was doing.

Made me feel good... even though I probably raised my cholesterol by 100 points and his kids' college funds by $5,000.00 during my time as a student.


American Knight said...

I literally live up the street from Thai town, which is great.

Food I love:
To make (and eat):
Puerco Pibil (a spicy pork and rice dish)

Sweet Tequila Chicken and pasta

And favortie things to order:
Chile Verde, Pesto Spinach Pizza from Papa Johns and Chicken, basil and garlic fried rice from the Cafe Spot in Alhambra.

Mmmm, food.

moses said...

I'm a big Pad Thai fiend. Twizzler, could eat Twizzlers all day. It's kinda depressing but everything that's popping into my head now is junk food.

Kid Sis said...

Why did I start this topic? Officially soooo hungry for food my thighs don't need on them.

NN, it's all for me!!! HA HA HA!!!! manic laughing ensues.

Mo, yum. Gotta admit, I need a walk through lesson on the microwave smores thing you've perfected. What's the perfect way? Also not familiar with pho or cuban beans and rice. Must try.

MIM, NOOOOOO!!!!!! They've always existed in the back of my mind as at least a dining possibility....sad sad day. Remember that's how we figured out Steve was diabetic? those scary empty plates in front of him?

AK, WOW! must try all of those!!!! At the same time!!! how do they mix in the ol' tummy?

Moses, two of my absolute favorite things in the world. My friend NN calls Pad Thai Fat Thighs, which is what I've found. And twizzlers...I can't explain the unholy attraction, but they always equal Good Times...

Anonymous said...


I can't believe you remembered my "Fat Thigh" reference. Ha ha ha!

Funny: I had a Twizzlers experience recently... Now that I'm on tremendous doses of corticosteroids and off wheat, eggs, and dairy, I've been searching for a dessert. Was thinking I could eat Twizzlers -- chewy plastic petroleum byproducts aren't off the menu -- but it turns out that Twizzlers are made mostly of wheat and high fructose corn syrup. Who knew. In fact, I can't believe I checked the ingredients.

Fun fact for the day.


Anonymous said...

Sad to report, but sometime between May 2001 and May 2004, "BigredwingscanIhelpyou?" sold off to another wanna-be wings place, and I haven't been able to do it. It doesn't even smell the same in the place, so why would I even try to eat there?

Forgot about Steve and the diabetes diagnosis. Whoa.

Still, I miss a place where I could waltz in with a Big Gulp on a Saturday evening, throw down $8.95, and proceed to plow my way through 18 hot wings, 14 chunks of fried zucchini, and 12 fried mushrooms with about a half-cup of bleu cheese dressing while watching a Laker game.

Ah, memories...


Anonymous said...

PS -- Hit Versailles on La Brea (longtime L.A. Cuban retaurant) and get their house special roasted chicken (swimming in garlic and citrus juices) with the beans and rice. Get some plantains, too, if avaialble. You wont' regret it -- and hey, it's actually healthy. Just get a lunch-sized or quarter-chicken sized portion and you'll still feel satisfied.


Anonymous said...

american knight -- Cafe Spot in Alhambra? Where is it at again? I LIVE in ALhambra -- a nice little town with more and more restaurants coming in, for those not around here. I jsut haven't hit this place.

BTW -- Food I could have every day/ week? New Orleans Style Barbecue Shrimp. If you go to Vegas, hit up any of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants in the hotels, get a double order, and chow it down with biscuits. Your mouth and stomach will thank you as your arteries curse your name.


Kid Sis said...

NN, always thought they were made out of tasty rubber.

MIM, Just ate and now I'm HUNGRY AGAIN! Thanks for the suggestions.

American Knight said...

MIM, maybe it's San gabriel but it's right on Valley Blvd a few blocks South of Garfield. I haven't been there in a while but it's good stuff.

Kid Sis, anytime you want either of those amde for you just say the word and I'd be happy to provide said cooked meal for ya...

Though, I'm not sure how they would mix "together."

American Knight said...

I meant to say a few blocks west of Garfield...