Sunday, August 21, 2005

Good morning

It's Post Secret Sunday!

See Murderball this week before it leaves the theatres!!!! Last chance! And I'm not the only one who says so:

"Seriously. You need to see this movie (check out Kid Sis' review on her site - it's under the July archives). I saw it yesterday and the film just blew me out of my chair. It busts every myth and assumption about disabled people you could imagine..." - Meg

From Christina's blog: "Some advice to the wise or not so wise. Keep your chin up so you look stronger when you take a punch. Don't lay down and fall or cry or anything. Just raise your head again and hope you punch first next time."

And Kung Fu Monkey's reminder that eighty-five years ago this week, women received the right to vote! Yup. No power issues in our society. I'll be a good little girl and shut up now that I've been invited to the table for scraps.

I must go garden more now. Damn dirt and pretty flowers and stuff. Mom better love it tomorrow. I was expecting to have a disabled back, but instead it's my quads that are on fire...


Christina said...

You make me raff...ha ha ha ha.

Table for scraps..ha ha ha

That's my girl!

moses said...

Hell if we had any sense we'd give the women the keys to the kingdom cause us men have sure done a bang up job keeping the world happy and healthy.

And if you need an example, here's one fresh outta the oven, from todays Meet the Press:

"I mean, women's social rights are not critical to the evolution of democracy."

I won't out the feudal lord in question. Though I think he misspoke and meant to say "the evolution of men-ocracy." New buzz word from the neocons' lexicon as I hear it.... Have an awesome party tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You know what my Honey did the minute he got his US citizenship? Signed up to be a card-carrying member of the ACLU. I mean his passport arrived in the mail, he made some noises of joy, and then turned to get the checkbook out so he could send in the ACLU membership form, which apparently he'd squirreled away in the drawer.

I thought, ooooh you're such a REBEL. He just shook his head and said, "Ashcroft."

I guess there are some freedoms we Americans take for granted. Steadily-eroding freedoms. Patriot Act, indeed.

The other night I caught a re-run of "Clueless." Remember that scene where Cher defends the idea of openness in American immigration? I loved it. How America is like a great big party, and, like, the more, the merrier. "And may I remind you, the Statue of Liberty totally does not say RSVP."

How quickly we forget the hard-won nature of our freedoms.


Fun Joel said...

Hope Mom's party went well!

Kid Sis said...

Christina, :) Thanks for filling in for me at the Chateau. I'm still the walking dead, I swear. Wish tomorrow I could just sleep....But you should see our glorious backyard!!!!

Moses, wow. I loves you, man. Thanks for giving the ladies some hope!!!

NN, I can't wait to meet Attilla! I'm always so shocked at the people bashing ACLU. I just don't get it. I added a line about that into one of my scripts, where a conservative character says something about "you ACLU faggots". Ohh, I hope we don't scare him next week. Is he up for burlesque night and us cavorting on a karaoke stage? Did you know Hollywood people worship that Clueless script? Just read last night that Amy Heckerling is doing another super-cool project, writing and directing. It's in the brand-spanking new EW.

Fun Joel, you're too kind. Brian and the girls and I were at the hospital visiting Mom during the blogging/screenwriting get-together. I'm really sorry I couldn't make it. How was it? Are their details on your site? Dur, I'll go look now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I worship the "Clueless" script, too. In fact, the first paragraph of my UCLA app essay included the whole thing about Cher and knowing her Mel Gibson (playing Hamlet)...

I don't think he'll be scared. But before he moves out there, I think he'll wanna learn some Spanish, 'cuz just about everyone reads him as Hispanic.

How did the party go? Didja surprise your mom?