Friday, May 06, 2005

To Blog

Okay, eff it. It's too hard not to blog now (how quickly they become addicts...).

I'm not going to worry about it until July, when the next large wave of people should be finding the website. I'll readdress before then. It probably is a good idea for me to split into two blogs, but honestly I don't have the energy for it right now. For now I'm going to soldier on and think more about what I post.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and advice. Need a little more time to process it. But for now, let's blog!

Catch up time...had a great screenwriting class this week, even though it was the only day I managed to shower and change out of pjs. I went pretending to be human, and of COURSE I forgot my new bronchitis inhaler thingie and was late and arrived wheezing. Ick! Sorry, fellow classmates! But I managed to get over my writer's block and arrive with my homework done, mostly because of a kind, encouraging note from my prof. Everyone got their pages read and I got some great things to think about. But I'm starting to feel guilty that we're reading all our pages instead of letting the Professor lecture, because I know he has valuable info for us. I'm thinking next week of volunteering out of page reading.

I came home from class after a great late night parking lot talk with my cosmic twin Sarah, and slept 14 hours. Yikes... I'm all for getting things done, but I can't believe Real Life took that much out of me. I hope I get better soon. I'm sick of being sick.

I have managed to do a crapload of research on my script while I've been sick, including reading the Silence Of The Lambs novel for the first time, reanalyzing the Twin Peaks/Galaxy Quest/SOTL scripts, and Kolchack/Night Stalker (the original influence for X-Files). I even showed Mom (also a writer, and a great sounding board) Galaxy Quest. To which she replied something along the lines of, "Are you out of your mind? That's a brilliant script that took a team of people to write it, and you're trying to do one by yourself in 8 weeks?"

Gulp. Well, when you put it like that...yeah, I'm stupid. I mean, I knew I picked the wrong script to do this quarter (Why oh why didn't I pick the tween slumber party one?) but wow! So I've drastically lowered my expectations. Now I'm just shooting for a first draft with proper grammar, and hopefully by the tenth draft I'll have something worthy of comparison to Galaxy Quest.

Now on to Calliope...this is really hard to write. Basically, we're on Kitty Death Watch Day 11 (insert Breaking News theme here). I got back in town in time to pick her up from the vet, and she had a great Friday night with me. Then Saturday we got the news that she definitely has cancer and isn't going to get better, at which point she threw up more blood than I've ever seen (all over my bed) and became really listless. Didn't move from my room and stopped eating. So Sunday I decided I was taking her to the vet Monday morning to put her to sleep. And I stayed with her every minute, and we did a prayer circle and all said goodbye and that we loved her and that it was okay to put her tired little kitty body down and move on. Sunday night I woke up with her every hour on the hour to make sure her nose wasn't bleeding again, and pet her for fiteen minutes after she got her water, and cried buckets.

Then Monday morning we called the vet, and he laughed at us and said he wouldn't put that feisty cat down. That it had taken three men to hold her down Friday, and basically that he refused to chase Calliope down the hallway trying to put her to sleep. :) So we took his advice and waited...

And by God, little by little that cat of mine has gotten better. It's damn near killed me, in my bronchitis state, to be nursing her back to health. But right now she's outside sunning herself. Last night she walked upstairs and jumped on her favorite couch. The day before that, she was strong enough to get on the bed again. Nineteen years old with incurable nose cancer, and the bitch is back. Man, I hope she becomes my guardian angel kitty. It just goes to show you, Fies women are tough to kill.

Thanks for sticking with me and being interested in my life. It's appreciated.


Patrick said...

Hi Kid Sis,

I have two three year old cats named Romeo and Juliet who have never been through a health crisis anywhere near proportinate to the one yours is going through. For your sake, I'm glad she rallied at the last moment. What an incredible feat. I know that you have a difficult time ahead of you in taking care of her. I can only wish you the best in getting through it.
How long ago did you begin writing screenplays? How many have you written? I admire your creative ability. I wish my own weren't stunted by second guessing myself in comparison to all the books and comics I've read and the TV and films I've viewed. Keep at it. Maybe you can publish some excerpts on the website at some point. We'll talk again soon. Bye for now.


Lynne said...

Glad to hear you'll keep writing here for now.

Andrew Ironwood said...

(cue music)

I'm stickin' with you
'Cause I'm made out of glue

(...okay, putting the Velvet Underground album away now...)

ronnie said...

So sorry about Calliope... :(

Veronica and Mojo send white light and their heartfelt kitty wishes for things to work out for the best - and they know Calliope and you will know what "the best" is.

They also congratulate Calliope on finding her OneTrueHome with you. They know that not all kitties do find it, and those that do are greatly blessed their entire long happy lives.


Anonymous said...

"until July, when the next large wave of people should be finding the website." So I am two months early then? (smiles). Seriously, love the writing and I am happy to bounce over here from Man Bytes Hollywood, and from there I was at John August and from there I was....

Kid Sis said...

Patrick, I appreciate it your well-wishing. Give Romeo and Juliet a chin scratch for me. I took my first screenwriting class 11 years ago, and have taken about 8 masters degree level classes since. I'm on screenplay #8. They say it takes ten years to get good and to sell something, so I'm ripe. Not sure if you've checked some of the older posts, but I do have some writing posted. No screenplays yet though. I try to be careful with those. Good luck to you! Just keep writing and studying.

Hey Moviequill, you need to blog yourself! St. Paddy's Day has come and gone, my friend! :) Thanks for reading!

Funnigirl, thanks. OMG, what do you think of the top 3 on American Idol???

LDH, loove Velvet Underground. Thanks for that!

RonnieCat, tell Mojo and Veronica thank you. But Ms. Calliope prefers gold light, please. ;) You should see her purr when I give her little healings. She's such a cutie, in her bad ass black woman way. I got all misty with your talk of her one true home. I hope I've been a good mommy to her.

Cosmic Twin said...

A little late, but I am catching up on your bodacious bloggy. All sniffly now after reading the velvet underground bit.