Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Comics Discussion

I've got nothing as interesting to say as the friendly comics discussion taking place under the comments section of my April 30th post about Comic Book Prejudice. Join in!


Patrick said...

Kid Sis and all other participants,

In my attempt to open a line of discussion about comics, I'm am curious to know who some of your favorite writers, artists and titles are? Kid Sis, You've mentioned a fondness for mostly DC and Marvel. What characters and creators are you loyal to?
As for myself, I'm a diehard Batman. Also quite thrilled by Fables, Y: The Last Man and Supreme Power at the moment. My hope here that we can lighten the mood of the conversation a bit in comparison to some of the other subjects of these blogs. Look forward to hearing from all of you soon. Bye for now.

Kid Sis said...

Hi Patrick!

Well you're ringing my bells. I'm a huge Batman fan. Love LOTDK. I read the Catwoman trades, but up until recently have not been a fan of the series (though I buy everyone of hers to support female antiheroes in comics).

I also was a huge Avengers fan. Never missed an issue from the time I was 6, and read all of my brother's collection before that time. That is until Brian Michael Bendis killed the Avengers and my beloved Scarlet Witch. Sigh. At least he wrote Powers and Fortune and Glory, so I can't hate the guy.

I used to read Elektra (the first series) and Birds of Prey, which actually I hear is heating up again.

Ironically, I just read the first two trades of Fables in the last two weeks and really enjoyed it.

Tonight I finished issue 19 of Promethea, which is pretty great.

Oh, I also adore all the Tim Sale/Jeph Loeb Batman trades. They're presently doing Catwoman: When in Rome, which is kicking ass.

Guess my all time favorite trades are Her Sister's Keeper, Batman Year One, The Killing Joke, Kingdom Come, Marvels, Dark Victory and The Long Halloween.

Favorite creative types include John Byrne, George Perez, Grant Morrison, Norm Breyfogle, Devin Grayson and my buddies/convention friends Ron Lim, Ford Gilmore and Charles Yoakum.

What's everyone else reading?

Kid Sis said...

I also loved Kevin Smith's Daredevil take: Guardian Devil. Which reminds me, I think I loaned that to someone and never got it back. Drat.

Oh, and Charles would be way disappointed in me if I didn't mention Frank Miller's original Elektra run. He lent me his originals, and it was pretty spectaculart to watch Miller change history through that comic.

Jessica said...

Are you interested in my favorite American titles or favorite Japanese titles? :)

Patrick said...

Kid Sis,

If you enjoy Batman, I would suggest taking a look at the new Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee mini-series titled Jekyll and Hyde. The creators really bring out the Dark Knight detective side of the character that's rarely done well these days. I'll talk more about it later on. It's Wednesday and I'm on the way to the comic store to get my fix! Hope you are too. Bye for now.

Kid Sis said...

Jessica, both!

Patrick, you're an earlier riser than me, but yes I will be stopping in my favorite crack store later today. :) Actually, the detective part of Batman is also my favorite element (I'm a nutjob for all those classic gumshoe detective movies that Dash would have been involved with). Nothing's more appealing to me than a human who can reason themselves out of trouble!

Patrick said...

Hi Jessica and Kid Sis,

Looks like we're the only posters here for a little bit. As far as being an early riser, I am NOT. I wrote that posting at ten o'clock a.m. I think it's the time difference that makes it seem that way. I am writing to you from Kalamazoo, Michigan where God has decided it should be forty degrees and overcast during the first week of May. I think we're one of his (or her) practical jokes. Oh, well. Comics came out today and I'm as happy as I usually am.
I thought that this might be a good time to ask some questions about your backgrounds. Anyone else who feels like it should feel free to introduce themselves as well.

1) What did you two pick up at the crack factory (aka the comic store) today?

Lots of Batman to be had. David Lapham is doing a wonderful job on Detective Comics. Englhart, Rogers and Austin's new mini-series starts today and I picked up the unsubtitled Batman issue that I missed last week. Y The Last Man is out, which excites me to no end. I'm still behind on the pile I picked up last week for no reason I can explain.

2) Jessica, you've said you're twenty-three years old. I'm about to turn 36 on May 17th. How old are you Kid Sis? I'd also like to know how long you've been reading/collecting? I've been a die-hard fan since the age of ten and a die-hard collector for about 20 years.

Jessica, as stated above, I've been doing this a looooong time. I don't have a whole lot of experience reading manga. What titles to you consider to be a good start? I know for a fact that I'll be buying Jill Thompson's Dead Boy Detectives OGN soon. Jill is a very talented lady for whom I have a soft spot as she was the first comics professional I met. She set a tone with her kindness. Many of my Sandman hardcovers have original sketches because of her.

That's all for now. If I think of any, I'll get back to you with more questions.

Bye for now.

Jessica said...

I'll put up a list of specifics tonight. :) As far as good manga titles to start with, though, it all depends on what you like.. There's everything from comedy to drama to pretty boy to magical girl to giant robot and on and on. :)

I've gotta get my portfolio stuff finished up and turned in like.. Now.. Hehe. Class is at 7, but the prof didn't feel like showing up so she said we had to have all final materials in by 4:30 in the department office. *Worst* freaking class ever.

Kid Sis said...

Ugh! Did you get it in?