Saturday, May 07, 2005

Take That, Picard!

An article on the real dangers of blogging. Personally, blogging makes me munchie.

I've become really jealous of other bloggers' shiny sites, with snazzy features like categorizing posts. I've been looking into it the past few hours, and it appears I would have to leave blogspot. AND pay for blogging. Sigh. Another pain in the ass I'm not going to get around to doing.

Calliope is running everywhere today. She ran past me a few minutes ago so she could go sun herself on top of our hot tub. Go speed kitty!

For some dumb reason I decided to fall asleep to Poltergeist last night. It's funny, I think the movie still totally works...but not for adults. Once you've dealt with the real horrors of life, trees and clowns and rotten food aren't so scary. But it's still a well-done film. Perfect structure, of course. "They're here" is page 17, and Carol Anne's kidnapping is the end of the first act.

I miss the 80s Spielberg. He really got kids of that era.

My scariest thought during the film involved the unabandoned coveting of the mint Star Wars toys in the boy's bedroom. What I wouldn't give for a time machine. But what kind of mother is JoBeth Williams to allow an Alien poster? No wonder the kiddies had bad dreams and possessed toys.

My second scariest thought: Craig T. Nelson is still playing dads in blockbusters twenty years later. And where is sexy JBW? Grandmaville.

Favorite scene: JBW's joy at the Poltergeist activity in the kitchen, while Carol Anne is bored of being pulled around by the TV People and Craig T Nelson is stupefied. Very well done.

What do girls watch at slumber parties nowadays? The Ring? I guess that's pretty funny and scary. But in a way, it's a little joyless. At least the lead chick is still kick ass.

Favorite Curse of Poltergeist legend. Cuh-REEEEEPY.

How funny is it that kids have no idea now what TV static is, or that channels went off the air? After the creepy Patriotic Montage? THAT still gets me. Makes me feel 5 again.


Andrew Ironwood said...

Whenever anyone asks me why I'm using Blogspot and Geocities instead of something better (and believe me, they've asked me -- oh, how they vex me!... sorry, got a little Khan-ish there...) , I always have the same answer, "Two reasons: I'm too lazy to switch, and too cheap to pay!..."

Kid Sis said...

Toooootally. I think laziness is an underated attribute.

Anonymous said...

:) Cute. But the forum death story's a parody I think.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- did you see today's NYTimes article in the "Summer Movies" section? There's a huge article by A O Scott called "Revenge of the Nerds: How a Group of Puply, Fringe-dwelling Comic Book Characters Vanquished the Biggest Stars in Hollywood."

Fanboys take Hollywood. Right up your alley.


Kid Sis said...

Yeah, the whole site is a great parody. Check it out!

NN, Yeah!!!!! I'll go read it.

Caleb Bardoforte said...

ok this has nothing to do with anything but - my GOSH you are one CUTE GIRL.



Kid Sis said...

No problemo, Caleb.