Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Especially to all of you who have lost mothers and adopted Mom.

We three LA ladies went to see Julia Sweeney's one woman show Letting Go of God. There are only four shows left that aren't sold out, so if you're an LA reader, go get tickets fast!

It was a great show. Monologuists are my favorite (I was a huge Spaulding Gray supporter, and have already talked here about my esteem for Margaret Cho). Of all the mediums, I think personal storytelling is the most important. That's why I love what my friend Sarah does over at the V-day organization, recording people's personal histories. I believe in the power of testimony to change the world for better.

Anyway, as an ex-Catholic, loved Julia's show. Though it's probably more inaccessible for most than And God Said Ha!, because with one in two of us bound to get Cancer, the big C is verrry accessible. Too much so, dammit.

We were feeling shy today and didn't go up to bug her afterwards. She was being approached by an official type from UCLA Extension about teaching a class there (Cool!). I didn't want to horn in to see if she got my email about us coming, or if she'd had a chance to read Mom's Cancer yet. I know how much that would mean to Brian, and even with all the cool celebrities the editor is lining up for blurbs for the dustjacket, I really want one from her because of what her monologue meant to me while Mom was in chemo/radiation.

We were all a little off today. Technically a nice Mother's Day, except everybody's grumpy and tired and overwhelmed. And we came home to angry neighbors: Hero barked the WHOLE time we were gone. Which was three hours (that Julia has STAMINA!). So our next door neighbors had a crappy Mother's Day afternoon. Oops. I don't know what we're going to do with Hero. He's become so attached to Mom, he totally freaks out when she isn't there. Between that and the peeing everywhere still, you'd think he was a puppy instead of a very grown up two year old. Aaaagh.

Speaking of overattachment mommy issues, Calliope hasn't been in the same room with me for the past 24 hours because I dared to leave her alone last night to go have dinner with my UCLA screenwriting friends. She won't even look at me, and her ears and hackles go back every time I call her name. Well, Happy Mother's Day to you, spoiled old kitty. Man, she's pissed.

Last night with the UCLA gang was fun anyway. Everyone had success at Pitchfest, and has meetings set up with agents, managers, producers, or all of the above. I'm so happy for my friends. And I met another cool female last night that Sarah and Sharri and I clicked with. It's so great to be hanging out with smart, driven women who are trying to use the power of film and TV consciously to make the world a better place. I get on a high everytime I think about it. But I keep thinking we should be banding together somehow. A production company or something.

Hello to all the new people...from my counter statistics and my comments, looks like I've got a new crop of readers in. Not sure how you found me; I wasn't expecting another wave until the Eisner awards at Comic-con this July. But welcome, and if you're confused, poke around some of my old posts. Hopefully you'll find something interesting.

And I promise to comment again in the comments section soon. I'm just a little behind. But if you wrote to me, give me a couple days and keep checking!

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cosmic twin said...

Why didn't I read your blog on Mother's Day? Shame on me. It was absolutely a day out of sorts. First thing was a message from my dad telling me about his visit with his girlfriend and guilt-tripping me to call my gramma, who was upset no one had come to see her. Then he said, "And happy future mother's day to you, maybe someday." I know he meant well, but an involuntary eff-u escaped my lips. He was covering all the angles on Mother's Day except the main one: "Hey, Mother's day might be sad today 'cuz you still miss your mom. How are you?" So I called my gramma, and she talked with me just that way. Family is family.

And thanks, dear cosmic twin sis, for the V-Day shout-out, etc-- power to the women writers with somethin to say!