Thursday, May 26, 2005

Something Good, Something Bad

In the bad news department, Ismail Merchant has passed away. Grrr. So many of the people I've wanted to work with are dead. Going to have to have a seance to have the career I pictured in my youth. Well, he gave us some fabulous films and will be missed.

Still coughing up green phlegm. Starting to get pretty worried, actually. I don't want to go to the doctor because a fourth round of antibiotics sounds like a bad idea. The only other time I was sick for this many months, it was mono twelve years ago. It seems to come back every day that I don't get ten hours of sleep...but many of the nights I can't sleep because of the post nasal drip, so no clue how I'm ever supposed to get better.

In the good news department (and one that is totally self-centered), I had two visitors today who read through all my old blogs. Very cool. It's hard to tell what's going on from the hit counter, but it seems like many of my first-timers are referred here by blogspot and, uh, leave instantly. So if I have two new true readers, welcome!

Saw a good movie I recommend for a rental: Enduring Love. A handful of my fav British actors, and the most psychologically disturbing opening scene I may have ever seen. So simple and truthful.

I was complaining the other day how they're isn't anything truly frightening anymore, especially once you're an adult who has experienced the sorrows/horrors of life...well, this is it. Most believable Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I've ever seen, and great relationship details. Completely believable and awful. Bravo to the filmmakers for capturing real life so well.


Anonymous said...

have kids and imagine them getting stolen and or killed in front of you. I still have alittle horror left in my imagination left.

Kid Sis said...

Oh totally. I don't have kids yet, but I imagine once you do, that becomes your lifetime fear.

It's funny how often Hollywood shows the supernatural, unstoppable killer, shot over and over again. When in real life we all are stopped by hangnails and are more terrified of ordinary, simple things that happen every day.

LeMorse said...

I think you have a ton of readers. Many more than I do. Mine is mostly my friends and fam. But that is fine somehow I keep reading others and posting and then after they post on mine I link them. I hope to have a ton of BLOGGER links one day. I understand your frustrations with screenwriting. I am working with a firend of mine to put up the money ourselves to do my script. And one more thing. I don't think it is LOW to check out your own BLOG to use the links...after all that is what they are there for Right? For people to go the places you love to go....and if you love to go there it doesn't matter how you get there...gotta run watching ALIEN

nicholasjcoleman said...

For sinus problems, you've got to constantly lubricate the sinuses--that means either use a steam inhaler/vaporizer (highly recommend) or a saline nasal spray. Another option is to irrigate: example.

Kid Sis said...

Lemorse, fun. I need to watch Alien again. Hang in there with Picasso. And i like your proposed tattoo!

Nicholas, ack! Urgh! Thanks?