Monday, May 23, 2005

Dr. Phil Quote of the Day

"Stable relationship - as opposed to healthy and good?"

You go, Dr. Phil. Get those pussies.


Anonymous said...

This guy is such an idiot. What does he propose, that we all have unstable relationships? WTF? I'm sick to death of Republicans and these psycho-babble people running down the current state of love - romance - long-term relationships - marriage.

Maybe Dr. Phil should join forces with Laura Kipnis, who wrote "Against Love, a Polemic." Love is dead. God is dead. What's next? Shall we kill off human compassion? Is it too much to ask for a little mercy?

Besides, anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows that love affairs are at times stable, at times unstable. It's yin-yang, a balancing act. The pay-off comes in small moments -- the intimacy of an inside joke at a party; the comfort of a beating heart when you've had a nightmare; the joy of knowing someone else's body almost as well as you know your own.

Every relationship is like a fingerprint, and the happiness of that union can only be known by those who make up that union.

Duh. That's what I say.


Kid Sis said...

Heh heh...hit a nerve, NN?

I started reading this, and I was like..."If this isn't NN ranting early in the morning, I'll eat my hat."

So I actually got another 9 script pages crapped out before class, and some of it's is your thesis coming? Progress, I hope?

I need to make a declaration/committment to somebody, so I figure you're my sister in writing misery...

"For the next 3 weeks, I will sit down to write for at least two hours a day, no matter how shitty I feel or how much I don't want writing to make me feel ANYTHING."

Sigh. And so mote it be.

Kid Sis said...

Oh Jesus. Ted Casablanca just weighed in on that Oprah spectacle. ME-OW!

Kid Sis said...

Here's a taste, cuz I can't resist:

Take Oprah's tongue just this week. Now, I don't think I could get my uvula that far up somebody's behind--even if the behind belonged to Alec Baldwin. That was pretty impressive television, my sweets. Not to mention damn creepy.

"He's been planning this," whispered a Cruise film colleague (who's been toiling right alongside T.C. for many, many months) about Tom reportedly setting up a blueprint schedule for announcing a new girlfriend. "She was always going to be young, that much I knew."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it hit a nerve -- I've been keeping up on the debates over gay marriage, the state of modern romance, and the utility of long-term relationships.

As someone deeply invested in historical research, it's hard for me to listen to people (who know nothing of history) gab on how relationships have "changed." Really -- I wonder when Dr. Phil or Sen. Santorum last saw a history book.

More than that, it just seems to me that people speak to the issue more often out of malevolence than anything else. There's the political/ religious investment in making the case against gay marriage among homophobic Republicans... and the scholarly investment among radical lesbians in Gender Studies arguing that hetero marriage, for women, is the equivalent of slavery. It's always about how your way of loving is right, and other people's is wrong.

Anyway. The writing is going okay. I'm getting pages done... and my scholarly voice, I'm starting to remember its sound.

Yes. You should write two hours a day. Glue butt to seat every day; rinse, and repeat.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that info on TC is soooooooo creepy. Gross!