Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Little Scary

Saturday at 5 pm and I've already had my whole Memorial Day Weekend. Like seriously, I've had so much fun since yesterday at 1 pm that now I have to glue my ass to the chair and work.

What follows is an abnormally long blog entry, probably waaay boring to most of you. But it was a very fun 24 hours that I need to document for myself. Feel free to skip:

My screenwriter/director friend Michael came over yesterday at 1pm and we walked down the street to get some margaritas (no flames this time...that's gauche before 4 pm). Michael scheduled my love life for me ("My friend "blank" will be in town July - you should totally have sex with him!"), which was sweet (at least somebody cares about my love life), but probably misguided considering I'm one of those weirdos who believes in true love.

Walked to my comic store after, where Michael schooled me on all the independent comics I've missed out on. Thank God my writers' group is exchanging our comics like crazy, or I'd go broke trying to catch up. Then, I had a totally humiliating coughing fit while trying to pay. The clerks GAVE me water, like "here, now get the fuck out of my store...before an alien pops out of your chest." I don't know, Michael said the male clerk was still into me anyway. He didn't think the Bill the Cat Hairball fit I had diminished me in a comic book store.

We walked back to my house and gossiped until 7 pm. Seriously, Michael was like "we're going to have to talk more frequently because I can't talk to you ALL DAY again." We gossiped about everything, including his wild Comicon orgy experiences with costumed superheroes. I'm so boringly straight. I just go to Comicon to buy crap.

He left. I watched Blade 3, which was confusingly bad considering David Goyer also wrote Dark City and the other Blades, and the upcoming Batman for pity's sake. Ohhh, that movie better not suck. But I did appreciate the vampire pomeranian in Blade 3. I'll never look at Hero the same.

My friend Christina came over and took me to downtown LA, where we stormed our way into a film festival party for invitees only (we weren't invited). The party was a bust, but we were approached by two cool chicks who were great to meet. One is an assistant fashion magazine editor, also a Christine, visiting for the first time from NYC. She just went through bone cancer with her dad, and her best friend Keith Cavill stars in the killer documentary Murderball about quadriplegic rugby (look for it July 8th).

Her friend Jazmine is an assistant to a huge Hollywood legend who has had his finger in the pie of dozens of the best films ever. We exchanged contact info and she offered to read my script and have me read some of her production company's scripts. It was fun to talk to these ladies and have them be so cool...I'm finding now that I'm older that the women I meet are much more about the laid back helpful than the bitchy cut throat thing I experienced in college. Which is fabulous, because I love being able to be friendly with people and have it returned so generously.

Some cute guys showed up and talked to us, so rare for me because though I'm a loud girl in general, I'm deathly shy around cute guys and know damn well I'm 3 clothing sizes bigger than any other girls in the room. The party ended and we four single ladies met up at Bliss, where we were stood up by the three cute guys. After we'd already figured out who was going after who. How dumb are they?

Christina got me into the club again without paying, simply by strutting up to the bodyguard "like we know what we're doing." I just pretended I was in S Factor in my six inch heels and followed her - feeling like a toddler in my mom's dress up clothes - but sure as shit, they let her right in and I trailed fast behind. It helps that she's tall, can put on attitude, and looks like Katie Holmes sans face herpes.

The club was kind of a drag, but we four girls danced anyway and stayed until closing. On the way out some Russia mafia guys were trying to get in, and Christina knew enough Russian to tell one of their armcandies off as she pushed past us. Not kidding.

But no, that's not enough...came back to my house and we drank orange vodka and replayed Tom Cruise on Oprah, examining every frame and being snarky. So fun. At 6 am, I finally told her to go to bed and she finally listened. Then I woke up today to Mom saying to Christina, "Really, it's 1 pm...Saturday!" Christina couldn't believe it. After sitting on Mom's bed and filling her in, we dressed Hero up in a scarf and went to Mel's on Sunset. We ate hamburgers and fed Hero too many fries and pickles. Yum.

On the way home, we found Neil Diamond on the radio and cranked it up. We were at the stoplight at Fairfax and Sunset screaming "Coming to America - TODAY!" These guys next to us in a bulletproofish SUV were cracking up at us, trying to get us to follow them. Brought Mom home her shake/burger/onion rings and filled her in again, to which she replied "You two together are A LITTLE SCARY."

Too true. What are you going to do with two crazy chicks who think Neil Diamond is fun and don't care what people think?

We finally found a picture of Katie Holmes with her face outbreak to show Mom (Mom couldn't believe it. Poor Katie better get an Oscar for this.), then surfed My Cat Hates You, I Hate My Flatmate, Ted Casablanca, Defamer and Go Fug Yourself. Then Christina went home and I blogged instead of screenwriting.

Ahhh, what a great two days. I haven't had that much fun in forever.


ronnie said...

Kid Sis, I am reading this entry and laughing out loud, remembering a time not so long ago when I was in my 20s and single and a weekend with my very best friend Angela (still my very best friend today, you'll be happy to hear) was very much like yours. (Except, a LOT LESS GLAMOUROUS, since we lived in Newfoundland and not LA, LOL!!!) But we still went to clubs and danced and drank margaritas and flirted with cute guys in other cars (it was a port town, after all, with hot and cold sailors from around the world on tap!)

Anyway, live it up, girlfriend, and lap it up and love it up and enjoy every minute of it. And keep blogging about it, 'cause while we 40-year-old happily married women can still get into mondo trouble of our own, it's always nice to live vicariously through someone living the early days out loud.

much love,

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds soooo much better than my weekend. I've been working non-stop.

When I finally decided I should eat something today, it turned there was nothing in the house but cat food. In order to leave the house, I knew I would need to wash my hair. (Um, think clumps.) If I was going to wash my hair, then I thought I should probably go work out and get really dirty first. The cat food started sounding better and better as I pondered how long the whole affair would take...

And here I am, still attached to the keyboard. Sigh. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a fruity cocktail now.


Kid Sis said...

Ronnie, if I ever make it up north or you ever make it down south, we will have to go out for a night on the town! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Felt a little goofy to write about it, but it was just so out of the ordinary for me.

And the glamorous's all smoke and mirrors. But fun to blog about! Except you do meet really cool people in LA - I never get over the wonder that there are so many smart people here going after their dreams.

Wow, growing up in a port town. I know Mom would have been in trouble :)

NN, it won't be long until we'll be paying way too much to sip chocolate martinis at Chateau Marmont again...

Hang in there. No need to turn into crazy-cat-food-eating-professor. People deliver food in your neck of the woods; I'm sure of it.

I wrote back to you in the other comments area, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to go back out on the town in El Lay! I'm sick of living my life like an ascetic! Oh, how I long for the tawdry nights of Tinseltown!

It's good to hear, though, that you're getting out again. You need it!

How are you feeling?


Kid Sis said...

Gosh, I don't know. Major denial going on right now. Worried about money, if my plans are insane, am I talented enough, guilt for actually going out and having fun, why don't I work harder, I miss my goddamn cat, Christ I'm fat...And for some weird reason (too old to drink?) I've been dizzy all weekend. Et vouz, mademoiselle?

Anonymous said...

I'm doing okay, I guess. Wish I were going out and having fun more, wish I were working less, Christ I can't make myself eat (I'm turning into Lindsay "Skeletor" Lohan), and I'm so tired all the freaking time...

Also, I'm having some troubles with the powers that be. Looks like my degree (that I'm working so hard for here) will disqualify me from teaching to support myself through the upcoming program in El Lay. Yeah. Get that. The degree will put me in this liminal space, where I'm neither/nor, trapped between a rock and hard set of rules. Very sad.

I know what you mean about feeling bad after partying. Seems like after 30, some button goes off in our bodies, and we stop being able to metabolize alcohol. Geez, I remember when I was in my 20's -- we'd go out day after day. And get up at 8am and go to work! Now, it's three drinks on Friday and I'm out for the weekend.

Oh, this aging process! I don't want to start disintegrating! I've hardly started to live my life!

But it was nice to hear about your escapades. I agree with Ronnie -- it's fun just to live vicariously through you. And you DO deserve a little fun!


Anonymous said...

You know what, NP? We can't overthink the money/ talent/ right path question. We'll make it. Right? We got grit if we ain't got sense.


Kid Sis said...

Ugh. Well...yeah. Wish I knew grit had anything to do with it. But if it did, I would have made it down here as an actor. Nope, it's luck and who you blow. You know how much the corporations down here respect a loud smartiepants woman with an opinion...if they could, they'd have us all shot.

Kid Sis said...

If you start looking like Linds, I'm putting the food tube down you myself.

Anonymous said...

Well, I let's just hope that hard work, perseverance, time, effort, and devotion to the medium pays off in the end. If not, hopefully the journey will have enough highs to offset the lows -- and be completely worthwhile even if it doesn't pan out exactly the way I'd hoped. You know?

Besides, what happens to a dream deferred? I have no interest in becoming a nasty little raisin in the sun. I like the sun, but there are limits. Better to be unsuccessful than a raisin, I always say.


Anonymous said...

PS. I think the secret to Lindsay's diet is cat food. After this weekend, I'm sure of it.