Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Newest fishie

Haven't heard from Mom since last October. Was just starting to feel pissy about not getting a fishy, when I had lunch with Cindy Baer on Monday. Cindy of this fishy from 2007. We were leaving the restaurant and she said "Look! there's a ladybug on your hand!" Well, of course ladybugs were a special thing with me and mom. Cindy reached into my purse for my camera to try to get proof for y'all but the ladybug flew away.

ladybug logo credit


Lynda said...

Today at the coffee shop, I heard one of the employee's whistling Fur Elise, and then I swore I heard it over the speakers. In a Starbucks.

I was walking out of the Starbucks, and as I walked out, I realized there was still no music over the speakers.

This was the second Fur Elise/Starbucks incident. I remember my sister playing that song over and over again on her piano, and she loved Starbucks.

Kid Sis said...

Aw Lynda, yeaaaa!

could you pass the peace please said...

did you get in the fishie from here? the stained glass windows in the church at the castle?