Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is why you're fat

Great accompanying site to White Whine.

"The Slinger:

Hash browns covered with grilled onions with two side-by-side cheeseburgers, topped with a couple of fried eggs, sunny-side up and then covered with chili and garnished with two pieces of toast come on the side."

Jesus Christ, people! I have never in my life desired to consume even a bite of something like what is on that site, let alone my own carton of icecream, pan of pizza, or cheesecake.

Sigh. More inequities in the universe.

All it took for me to gain weight to become "LA fat" (bigger than a size 2) was off-the-charts stress from caregiving for mom, and no time to work out an hour a day.

What happened to the rest of y'all is on you and your cheese-and-pepperoni god.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

Most of those are things I only expect to see as compilations of drunken college students or truck stops.

On the other hand, a couple of those make me hungry. But I guess that means I need to make dinner.