Friday, October 03, 2008

Third anniversary

Mom died October 1, 2005. Many of you readers remember and sent me beautiful messages back then. Your memory of her is the biggest gift to me, and continues to comfort. You know you meant the world to her.

We got a Fishie. I really do report them all to you, as promised. The last one was in May, a few days after Mother's Day.

Here's the latest message from beyond. Came in October 1, about 10 pm. Brenda belongs to a wine club that somehow got our addresses mixed up. So I received a package for her at my place, and when I was moving out remembered to give it to Bren. But she kept forgetting to open it. She never receives anything from them because she gets back to Sonoma County enough to pick up her wine in person, so she wasn't expecting anything and couldn't imagine what it might be.

For some reason that night, I found the package and MADE her open it. I was adament. And sure was a bottle of Rose with an effing CARTOON COW on the label.

Have you ever seen a cow on a wine label? I grew up in wine country, and I haven't.

Mom collected cow chacka's. Had to eventually tell people to STOP buying her cows.

Oh, but that's not all. Her next two favorite things were butterflies and roses. Guess what was hand painted all over the cow's face? Well, obviously.

Oh, and the rose?

My Mom's beloved brother Cal died one month after her, which surprised no one because they were very close. He was her protecter. And whenever his family would come to visit, we had to go to the grocery store because the only thing he would drink was Rose.

There you go. More proof of the afterlife, Fies-style.


Hugo Fuchs said...

I don't know . . .
Maybe the wine was made to go with laughing cow cheese.

Still, that rocks. I wish my dead relatives sent me things.

Kid Sis said...

Ohhhh see I didn't explain enough...the wine company is Kunde; really upscale conservative. NEVER do anything funky. Makes the down-homesy laughing cow-esque label all the more out of place and meaningful to us.

Yeah, it's interesting. I'll be your ghost whisperer!