Wednesday, March 04, 2009

As if Ryanair weren't heinous enough

They want to start charging to use their toilets. Douchebags.

From Chelsea Lately: Conservatives are the biggest consumers of porn, with Utah being the number one state. Can't say anything about that, too angry.

Chelsea also ripped The Bachelor a new a-hole. I wish she'd gotten into the REAL issue of ABC setting up the "winning" fiancee to be dumped on TV for the runner-up. Beyond evil on the part of the four main people who participated. You know about this, right? Check out my earlier post. I'm beyond pissed; we've finally gotten to the point where people are going to start killing each other over the horrible things producers tell people to do to each other for ratings. OH and thanks for being douchebags and WATCHING the show!!? Highest ratings ever in their history, you American jackals. I have no problem with that dumped fiancee going on an ABC killing spree.

Saw a great sketch on David Letterman of the courtesy phauxne call with Obama letting Bush know he's withdrawing troops from Iraq (woot!) Bush eats potato chips on the other end.

I swear, I don't know if Obama would have won without the devastating one-two punch of Letterman and Tina Fey, NOT to be underestimated in the court of public opinion. And Letterman has been in full-on sexy "Jugular Dave" mode against Bush for at least a year. Devastating. (Which, come on ladies...when Dave's like that, you know, "Let's hope for Berlin" hahahahaha mode, don't you just want that brilliant 70-year-old man to spank you while saying mean funny smart things about how you aren't good enough? Me-effing-ow. Love you and you're natty suits Dave. Keep eviscerating Hollywood starlets, sir. Their empty vessels are begging for it.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

That's a quick way to lose customers.