Monday, March 02, 2009

Vigilante mom strikes sex offender

People are often surprised by my black and white politics about this kind of thing, but you forget I learned to read on comic books. I am perfectly fine with this mom's actions.

Which aligns me with the relgious right in these matters. Greeeeat.

Very strange thing about me. With all my hippie socialist views, I'm ultimately always a commander, ready to sacfifice anything for the great good. AS a socialist hippie wanting to actually see changes in my lifetime. But also, part of why I can be a director, even as a woman, is that I "get" war and what it takes. I know it's not a democracy; that each person isn't equal, that sacrifices must be made.


Lynda said...

People would hail her a hero if she did it while he was sexually molesting a child.

Kid Sis said...

Right?! Given the stats on child molesters and their well-known MOs, and that he was already violating his parole soliciting a child TO GIVE HER AN UNWANTED PRESENT, I feel she caught him a half step away from sexually molesting her child.

Hugo Fuchs said...

She went to easy on him.

At 7'3", you hit him in the knees to bring him down, then crack his vertebrae, paralyzing him for life. You don't kill him, that gets you too much time. However, crippling him will get you assault/battery with a deadly weapon, or aggravated version if your attorney's on the ball, and you'll get less time than murder, but the fucker will be trapped in a prison of his own flesh.

This is assuming that you can't just make them quietly disappear forever.

Baldwin was convicted of first-degree child molestation in 1998. According to police, he was on parole for forcing a five-year-old neighbor to sexually touch him when he lured another five-year-old into a backyard doghouse where he sexually assaulted her. He is considered at a high-risk to reoffend.

It says he's now living in Tacoma. WTF? A class 3 sex offender gets only 8 months or less for offering gifts to children?

The reason she got so much time:

"This isn't a soccer mom in a minivan," Pierce County Sheriff's Office spokesman Detective Ed Troyer said of the 5-foot-11 Gibson. "She has no less than a dozen arrests over the last few years, for assault, drugs, driving crimes -- you name it."

I still think she should've been given probation for 3 months instead.

Kid Sis said...

HF, you rock sir.