Sunday, March 22, 2009

Man up boys. It's time to SCREENWRITE.

Accountability systems are a fantastic, necessary thing for writers. Especially you assholes out there who have written 30 pages in five years and pollute my world by still calling yourselves writers (Yup. Don't think the rest of us daily writers don't notice you.)

So if you're a screenwriter who has ever been jealous of the wonderful results produced by NANOWRIMO, get your lazy butt over to SCRIPTFRENZY, pronto.

Here's what program director Jennifer Arzt said about Scriptfrenzy in an email to me:

It isn't a contest. It is a free writing event with no prizes or judges (we're a nonprofit), just a challenge: Write 100 pages in the 30 days of April.

It sounds very much like NANOWRIMO to me, which produces concrete results for writers. My 21-year-old nieces have written at least 3 novels a piece from participating in NANOWRIMO. How many of you calling yourselves "writers" can say that?

Go sign up, add one of their participant logos to your website/blog/whatever 2.0 account, and by April 30th you'll have the vomit draft of another screenplay done, and a little more self-respect and right to the privilege of calling yourself a writer.

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