Saturday, March 14, 2009

Learn something new everyday

I did not know that the word "snark" was a contraction of SNIDE REMARK.

One to grow on.

Chech out Ebert's essay calling snarking "cultural vandalism." Time to call a moratorium on the snide remark? What say ye? Time to get back to being decent?

"What concerns me is that snark functions as a device to punish human spontaneity, eccentricity, non-conformity and simple error. Everyone is being snarked into line."


Anonymous said...

See my blog about ending all hostilty. Bert Bachrak said it all in his song about the world needs now is love sweet love. It wouldn't hurt for folks to be kind to each other-very refreshing.

Brian Fies said...

I actually commented on the post on Ebert's blog (Feb. 27 @ 2:56 pm). Here's what I wrote (and I haven't changed my mind since):

Affecting an attitude of jaded cynicism is an easy, lazy, thoughtless simulation of cool superiority. Those who mock everything and stand for nothing risk nothing. They also accomplish nothing.

As I get older and do my own creative work, I increasingly think that one of the bravest things someone can say is, "This is what I sincerely believe. I think it's true. It's important to me." What vulnerability! What potential for ridicule! Even if I disagree, I appreciate and admire that person's courage a thousand times more than that of the thousand snarking gnats who emerge to tear him or her down. Everything ever accomplished was done because someone genuinely thought it was worth doing.