Friday, March 27, 2009

Politics, people...Empowerment!

More YOU can do in 1 MINUTE to make our world better. For you men out there, this is a fantastic way to protect and provide for your women! Be our hero!


This month, we celebrate a real victory that will make a huge difference in the lives of women who have been waiting too long for a simple mistake to be corrected. Since Congress unintentionally sent birth control prices skyrocketing in 2005, affordable birth control has been out of reach for low-income women and college students — until now.

With your strong backing, Congress stood up for women's health by including the fix for affordable birth control in the Omnibus Appropriations Act. On March 12, President Obama signed the Act into law.

More than a victory, this moment is a reminder that supporters of women's health have the power to make real change — and that it can take months and years of public support before even commonsense measures are finally enacted.

That's why it's crucial for all of us to use the public comment period to show our support for the Obama administration's new HHS proposal. By adding your name to our list and showing your support, we can all look forward to President Obama restoring the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health information and services, without fear that health care providers will withhold vital information and services based on their personal biases.

The deadline for public comments is April 9, so don't wait to add your voice.

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