Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seriously? Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a bitch?

UGH!!!! NOTHING drives me more bat-shit crazy than technology issues.

Okay. Well, maybe not nothing.

I mean, I do get pretty upset about stinginess, intolerance, judgement, racism, exclusion, unfairness, sexism, war in the middle east, violence against women, clitoridectomies, lack of manners, coldness, inhospitality, traffic...

But after those things, NOTHING drives me more bat-shit crazy than technology issues.

My gmail account, for lo now a week, has been giving me this #$%$#^&@ error message half the time I go to send an email that says it hasn't been sent. Then I hit save and it says it hasn't been saved. Then I try to leave the compose area and it tells me not to because I will lose everything I've written. So then I hit send again...

End result?

About half the time I've really lost everything I've composed. The other half of the time, I now have 5 saved drafts of the email plus about 5 that have been sent to the more receiver. Often different drafts, because a writer is never done, and if you give me a second third and fourth chance at a letter I can MAKE IT BETTER.

End result?

Lis Fies looks bat-shit crazy.

As I am.


Seriously, where is gmail located? Am I going to have to fly to India to choke a bitch?

#08 error message my ass.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

I usually copy it to notebook or word if it's hyperlinked. That way I don't lose everything.

I can't tell you about Gmail issues as I've still been using Yahoo mail.

I also revise ... alot ... especially for posts.