Friday, August 31, 2007

Les Poissons

Tres Fishies in less than 24 hours.

I lamented last night to my good friend Cindy that I hadn't had a Fishy or felt connected to mom in at least 6 months. (not counting the 2 Fishies that told me to have that hot-vacation-sacredsex last month, because, well, mom was kind of a tart in her day so I expect to still hear THAT message from time to time, since she disapproved that I'm such a goodie goodie...)

A couple minutes after telling Cindy I've not heard from Mom and feel disconnected, I asked her about the progress on our "Hollywood Reporter" listing. We go into production on the feature film "The Commune" in less than two weeks, and super-busy Cindy was taking care of that paperwork for Heidi and me. The last change had been to add Mom as the Executive Producer, since we're using my inheritance. Which still makes Heidi and me cry every time.

I said "Did you turn in the paperwork before I asked to make Mom the EP?" and Cindy started to answer, but was cut off by a weird EMF. So I asked again, and as she answered she was cut off AGAIN. And then I realized...We were both in our respective homes, not moving, and that was not a regular cell phone noise AT ALL. Nope. That was this.

Because I can say these things to Cindy, I did my infamous Don't Think I'm Crazy But... "I just got a Fishy from Mom."

And she said "Yes, you did. Because I'm sitting here eating Fishy crackers."

Those cheesy delectables Mom loved.

Awesome. And then we both got all teary and started laughing.


An hour later, I'm watching "What Not To Wear", which I always watched with Mom. And one of the clients on there (the one with the dog Peanut) says thank you to Clinton and Stacy for helping her to learn to dress as a woman, because her mom died when she was nineteen and wasn't able to teach her. Then she said something about still talking to her mom, and how proud her mom would be, and that she said thank you too. Which totally gave me another frisson.

THEN today I receive an email from Brian that his French publisher asked permission to use a picture from Brian's blog for their blog. He said yes, not knowing which one. Then they published an absolutely lovely modeling photo of Mom, and an even lovelier blurb about how getting to know her through Brian's blog made the book even better.

As Brian said, Mom's finally getting to be a fashion model in France -- half a century too late.

That woman is still full of miracles.

My rough translation of the French article:

August 31, 2007
"Brian's Mother"

In the very beautiful "Mom's Cancer", which we published in March, Brian Fies recounts the illness of his mother who died before it was published in the United States. Brian came across figure photos and put them on his website for her 68th birthday. Those of you who own and appreciate the book, read and look at the post.

(Take that, Madame Sikora!

I can honestly say, if that woman hadn't hated me and made my Sophomore year hell, I'd be fluent in French today. Damn High school teachers.)


Lynda said...

I feel like I have heard from my sister in a while. Thought maybe I would on my birthday.

My husband got a ladybug in his hair, which was a nickname my mom had for me, and I kind of remembered something about my sister and ladybugs. But I realized I was grasping for straws with that one.

Kid Sis said...

Doesn't that feel strange? Totally understand.