Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Wrinkle in Time

I've been really really good about not sharing details about my love life, oui? Yes, I've noticed the steady decline in readership, you jackals, but none the less...preserving sanity and having a good life are paramount.

But I just HAVE to share this itty bitty tiny kernal.

I received an intriguing-feeling, smile-inducing email today through a matchmaking site from a handsome man just a couple years older than me who lives about 5 miles away and...get a 100% compatibility match.

I'm pretty sure on this site I've never had above, like 94%. Pretty sure.

So if a wormhole opens up and disrupts the space-time continuum in the next week, it may just be us getting within ten feet of each other. Even if it's just close enough to lob our address books at each other, exchanging friends' phone numbers. Or exchanging clothes and deciding to play Freaky Friday on our loved ones.

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