Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bye Big Bro

Big Bro and his family leaves today after coming to landscape our front yard around Mom's wheelchair ramp. It looks great; very California tropical.

I guess we're going to have some kind of inauguration this afternoon for the neighbors. I don't get it myself, but Mom really wants a mini party.

What are you all doing on this beautiful Sunday?


nicholasjcoleman said...

I'm writing. :) My dad(s) are more than a thousand miles from here, so there's not much else to do. Not that I'm complaining--I just miss them.

Kid Sis said...

aw...that's nice!

Are you working on a script today?

Dave said...

Today we celebrate with Step-Dad, next week, Actual Dad comes down to my sister's house for a barbecue. So it's two weekends of father's day for me, and I consider myself lucky.

Kid Sis said...

Okay, now I'm officially jealous.

I'm ignoring Father's Day this year, since biological dad ignored X-mas and my b-day.

Trying not to sound bitter. Concentrating on lovely block party...

Anonymous said...

Hey NP,

Made plans for a Lost Strangeles apartment scouting visit. (I'll have my Honey in tow.) Maybe we could hook up? Show him a good time?

Still debating Santa Monica versus Silverlake. Ocean view or Hollywood sign? Movie star wannabes or too-cool hipsters? Long trek from the east side to UCLA or feeling weirdly out of place among so many beautiful blond women? Sigh.

Would be interested in any thoughts y'all have on the relative merits of these LA neighborhoods.


Kid Sis said...

Great! When are you coming?

Here's a great posting i can identify with about Deadbeat Dads

Lynne said...

Drove to family friends' home to celebrate a high school graduation, only to find I MISSED it because it was YESTERDAY!!! (chemo head) So, instead, I spent the afternoon with my sister Carolyn,, who was face-painting at a local festival. It was fun watching the kids (and some adults) be transformed into Spiderman or a Mardi Gras goer.

It was a beautiful day in Michigan.

Shawna said...

Writing, writing, writing. 21 pages and counting. I've written outside, inside, on the bed, on the floor...

I love having a laptop. Still need to do laundry.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just got back from Vegas tonight, so need to catch up the next few days...

MoDigli said...

Hey KidSis ~
I spent the day with my mom(s), who deserve all the real credit.

Thanks for the link to my post! It's been amazing to me how many of us share that experience.

Anonymous said...


We're coming August 23-28 and we're staying in Santa Monica -- to see what I think about the area and so he can go swimming. (I swear, he's part dolphin.)

To answer your question from the other post: my Honey is doing okay. He's working a lot. Me, too. Both of us are looking forward to a vacation. I'm hoping to convince him that California really is the Land of Dreams.

The poor guy is probably pretty sick of cleaning up after me. I'm such a slob when I get into my writing! And I think he got a little concerned about my eating for a while there... he started putting snack-packs of Oreos in my path. I'd find them by my desk, next to the coffee maker, and on top of my books.

Ugh. I have so much to do. Here begins the rant:

So many things are due. Overdue. And then there's dentist visits (hello, root canal) and family matters (sure, we can drive three hours for a graduation dinner) and crunchy emails to write (uh, I guess I can have the book review done by December) and worries, worries, worries (such as, how do I actually set up the dissertation defense? Isn't there some kind of paperwork and aren't there rules about formatting? And, how am I going to a) find a place to live in LA, b) get my crap out there, c) get a car, d) set all this up when I am struggling to find time and energy to go grocery shopping?)

Spoons, m'Lady. Spoons.


Kid Sis said...

Funnigirl, that sounds great! love face painting. Sorry about the wrong day thing. Glad you took it in stride. Ah, chemo brain. We know it well.

Shawna, holy crap! Very inspiring. Don't worry about the laundry. Just wear the grandma underwear and the early 90s jeans for a few more days...can't stop a great writing streak!

Moviequill, how was it? Come back with your shirt?

Modigli, wish it weren't that way...but glad to identify with someone. Bitterness loves company. I was worried Big Bro would mention wanting to call "dad" from our house since he was visiting...oddly, nobody brought it up. Phew!

NN, anyone who leaves cookie trails is a keeper. See you in August! Spoons.

Anonymous said...

'come back with your shirt'?...thats about it actually and it sure was strange walking around Vegas pantsless (smiles)