Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Last night was our certificate ceremony for the UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program. Sixty-five competitors, er, I mean compatriots.

I'll be in at least one writer's group from the program, and we're continuing on right away so as not to lose momentum on the exalted "Writer's Schedule."

Mom and Nurse Sis attended, and finally were introduced to the fellow screenscibes they've heard about all year. We all went drinking in Westwood afterward. All in all, it was lovely and felt like an accomplishment.

I'm already further along than most self-declared screenwriters. Now it's time for pedal to the medal, and to start contacting my contacts. Phew!

And to ignore that I'm turning a year older tomorrow. That's right. I'll be 22. Again.


ronnie said...

Congratulations, Kid Sis. I love sharing my "virtual friends'" accomplishments. It embiggens my life. (ten Brownie points to anyone who catches that reference).

Turning 22 again? You're a mere baby, a bairn, a tadpole, a sprog, a youngster, a rugrat, an infant. Just wait until you're turning 35 again!

Happy Birthday, Kid!

ronnie (who recently turned 35... again)

Kid Sis said...

Come on, if you're going to lie, make it good!!!! You turned 25 again!

Dave said...'s a perfectly cromulant word.

Congrats on your accomplishment. Smart strategy to keep momentum going. Doing the advanced course next year?

The Dummy said...

Happy 22nd birthday - again! I think you've got a good many more years before that clock magically stops. ;)

Kid Sis said...

Dave, I'm actually starting the Advanced course this summer with Wendall! No plans to ever apply to the program again, though. They lost me.

DD, thanks!

MoDigli said...

Dun-dun-da-dun.... (Or is that the wedding march? Hmm. I should have saved that for the other post about the bridesmaid!) ... How does the graduation march go, again? Well ....

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

What a great feeling! :)

Kid Sis said...

Geez, I can't think of it either...

Oh well! Thanks!!!

amanda said...

Happy birthday, kiddo.

I'll see you on the other side of Cancer when I turn 30 (for the first time) in 29 days.

Also, many, many congratulations on your graduation. So exciting. And I'm so glad that your mom was there.

(By the way, the graduation march goes "daaaah, dah dah daah daaaah, daaaah. daaaah, dah dah daah daaaaaaaah...")


Otis Frampton said...

Congratulation and happy birthday!

You don't look a day over 21. ;)

Now put down that drink and write.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kid... and here's lookin' at ya (A.F.I quote #5)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And happy birthday!

May you have a year full of good writing, good food, and good men.


chad said...

Embiggens? Cromulent? . . . Worst Blog Ever!!!

oh and kid sis congrats and happy 22nd ;)

Anonymous said...

"Worst Blog Ever"?

What an artless, clay-brained clot-pole!

Scurvy knave!

A pox upon you!


chad said...

Trust me, Ronnie and Dave will get it.
It wasn't an insult. I love this blog (one of my daily visits)

Otis Frampton said...

"Worst blog ever"???

Sheesh. What a kwyjibo.


chad said...

Oh for the love of Jebus.

Otis Frampton said...

Your sacrelicious post is just fultile avoision, pal.


chad said...

LOL let me rephrase what I originally wrote. I should have said "worst dialogue ever!" I would never impugn this fine blog with my sacrilicousness.
"me fail english? that's unpossible.

Kid Sis said...

Thank you everyone!!!!!!

This is much more fun than Birthday cards. You guys always put a smile on my face.

ronnie said...

What? "Worst Blog Ever"?

I wish there was a word in Klingon for what I am feeling right now...

Oh, yes, there is -


ronnie (I *heart* Chad)

ronnie said...

P.S. "My cat's breath smells like cat food!"


chad said...

LOL Ronnie.
'It tastes like burning'

Kid Sis said...

Okay, gotta ask. What the HELL are you guys referencing?

chad said...

LOL it is from the Simpsons.

Kid Sis said...

Okie dokie! Thanks!