Saturday, June 25, 2005

Crisis Averted

Sort of...I don't want you all to worry...

Mom and Nurse Sis came home at 6 am. The doctor on call who told them to come in last night at 11:45 had them sit there all night, then discharged Mom without doing anything for her. Which I'm sure sounds familiar to anyone who has read Mom's Cancer or experienced medical issues in their family. Blah.

The doctor told her to come in because her sugars were over 400 when we tested at home. By the time they tested her again in the hospital it was 307. So after six hours the doctor discharged her and told her to "come back if it hits the three hundred or four hundred." HUH????

Nurse Sis is going to take care of titrating the doses herself until we see her real doctor Monday. It's not what we wanted, but it's better than sitting around a stressful hospital and getting no help.

Thanks for sending all the good thoughts Mom's way. We really want to get her mobile again. It's just too stressful when she is completely bedridden, and it's not the kind of life she wants to lead.

Mom is really cheerful right now. Our cousin Scott and his longterm girlfriend Kelly are visiting from St. Louis. We're the first family she's been introduced to, so she's excited to be here and we're happy to meet her. Mom is holding court in bed and Hero is right on her chest hugging her. She's doing pretty well.

I think we scared the crap out of Scott and Kelly last night, though. Scott said something along the lines of "Wow, so this is normal for you..."

Surviving cancer isn't all easy glamour...Lots of unwanted excitement and trips to the doctor, too. We're just glad Mom's here in any form.


Funnigirl said...

Happy to hear she is home, please let her know I asked the ECaP group for support, and she's got prayers acomin' from all over. Candles, prayers, visualizations and tons of good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to think of your mother holding court in her bed -- with Hero at her side (as a comely courtier? a swashbuckling duke? a fluffy jester?)

Hope she feels better, and I hope you get some rest.


Christina said...

Hi Hon:
Sounds like much is going on there and then, not as much. Sorry to hear about your Mom. My thoughts and praryers are with you three. Let me know if you want me to come bye to do some work.
Love you,

Kid Sis said...

Funnigirl, thanks again.

NN, definitely Fluffy Jester.

Christian, tomorrow night would be much appreciated!