Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oops, I Did it Again Again

The comments in the afore mentioned post were so funny, I have to say a big hello to ze perpetrators (insert Clouseau accent).

In honor of NN, Writeonblyn, Moviequill and Dorry, and because so many visitors here dig good writing and screenplays (not always together), there's a favorite scene from one of my favorite movies in this post's comments section. If you want to read the WHOLE script, go here for educational purposes only.


Kid Sis said...

"Out of Sight"

Screenplay by

Scott Frank

from the novel by

Elmore Leonard

Karen watches him come toward her now in kind of an easy strut. She indicates the scar over his eye...

You're a fighter?

How you know that?

I can tell.

I was...

He moves his head in what might be a feint.

Till I got my retina detached two time.

He's standing so close to her, Karen has to look up at him.

What'd you fight, middleweight?

Light to super-middleweight, as my
body developed. You go about what,


You know your divisions. You like the fights? Like the rough stuff? Yeah,I bet you do.
(moves closer)
Like to get down and tussle a little bit? Like me and Tuffy, before she got run over, we use to get down on the floor and tussle. I say to her, "You a good dog, Tuffy, here's a treat for you." And I give Tuffy what every
dog love best. You know what that is? A bone.
(real close)
I can give you a bone, too, girl.

You're not my type.

Don't matter. I let the monster out, you gonna do what it wants.

Just a minute.

Her hand goes into her bag next to the chair.

Bring your own rubbers with you?

Her hand comes out of the bag holding what looks like the grip
on a golf club. Kenneth grins at her...

What else you have in there, mace?
Have a whistle, different kinds of
female-protection shit?

Karen pushes out of the chair to stand with him face-to-face.

I have to go, Kenneth.

She gives him a friendly poke with the black vinyl baton that's
like a golf club grip.

Maybe we'll see each other again, okay?

She steps aside and brushes past him. He grabs her left wrist...

We gonna tussle first.

Karen flicks the baton and sixteen inches of chrome steel shoots
out of the grip. She pulls an arm's length away from him and
chops the rigid shaft at his head, Kenneth hunching, ducking

God damn...

He lets go of her and Karen gets the room she needs, so that
when he comes at her, she whips the shaft across the side of
his head and he howls, stops dead, presses a hand over his ear.

What's wrong with you?

You wanted to tussle, we tussled.

And she walks out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sixteen inches of steel...

She's got the biggest uncircumcised -- I mean, retractable -- "rigid shaft" I've ever heard of.


Kid Sis said...

I....uh...nah, it's too early. Can't make dirty joke.

Amanda said...

It's never too early for a dirty joke.

The sun's always over the yardarm somewhere.

Anonymous said...

So tell us about the "Everybody Loves Raymond" event...

Kid Sis said...

Okay, okay....

Does it really surprise you that JLo is packing the biggest cock?


The Everybody Loves Raymond event was great! So much fun! I'm crushing on the series creator, Phil Rosenthal. He was so witty and humble. And as you know from my previous blogs about Zach Braff and Gene Wilder, I've got a thing for geeky funny Jewish guys. Yummy.

I went with my friend Amanda (screenwriting pal, not cyberspace Amanda). We had sushi beforehand at one of my favorite cheap/fast/good places, then went to the WGA screening room for the Writers on Writing series.

It was actually very organized (shocking!). They had about 9 staff writers, and they each had a clip they had written. They would tell the true family event that inspired the script, then run the clip. It was great. And at the end they showed us an exclusive gag reel.

The guys had us all in stitches with their quips, and I learned some valuable things, and had a great time. One of the coolest events I've been to. Of course the Q & A sucked, but that's always the audience's fault for asking the same asinine questions ad nauseum. Shut up about yourselves already, nobody wants your spec script or to get you an agent at these events! Jeez!

And Amanda told me the very inspiring story of how she met her husband, which helped give me some hope that I should hold out for someone I feel chemistry with. So yes, a great night!

Anonymous said...

and thanks for the link to the script...I love the smarmy humour (first usage of the word smarmy in '05 noted)

WriteOnBklyn said...

You. As always. Rule.

Kid Sis said...

Moviequill - that's so funny. I loves me some smarmy usage. You can always switch to unctuous!

I used "snarky" so many times the other day, my girlfriend started commenting everytime I said it. oops. I'm going to have to switch to irascible.

Writeonbklyn -
Thanks. For. Reading!
Seriously loooove Out of Sight. Actually dug the TV show, too, those bastards. Always killing my shows. Was it ABC again?

WriteOnBklyn said...

Yeah, I think "Karen Sisco" was ABC, though I think it also got a brief run on USA once ABC showed it the door. Which is too bad. I do love me the Carla Cugino.

Incidentally, if you're able, I highly recommend trying to get ahold of a draft of Scott Frank's "The Lookout." I read a draft about six years ago, and it showed me what a great screenplay could be...

Kid Sis said...

looks interesting. Didn't see it at Drews, but I'll try to find it. Here's an old article on it before Frank was hired to direct. Like the handling of head injuries.

cosmic twin said...

Out of Sight is one of my favorites, too,of course. And that film is possibly the only redemption JLo has going for her. This scene got edited down a bit in the film, huh? Still, it rocked. As Isaiah Washington is currently doing on Grey's Anatomy. I freaked when I realized Burke was Kenneth. I wanna see him tussle for real with Sandra Oh.

Kid Sis said...

THAT's where I know him from!!!! Holy crap that's awewome!!!!!