Monday, June 20, 2005

Hero in Hollywood! Posted by Hello


MoDigli said...

What a cute little... stuffed animal? ... dog? ... cat?

Is that a schipper-kee? It hardly looks real!

Christina said...


Kid Sis said...

:) Modigli,

We were guessing bat, or rat...

He's a dog. Thinks he's a cat. Or a lion, the way he always barks at the big dogs.

That's Hero, our Pomeranian. He's a star:

He may become a movie star. A trainer to the stars is interested in him :)

Christina, you're so cute!!!!! Doesn't he look like a superstar?

Kid Sis said...

Here is his other big scene:

Mom really wants to make him into a stuffed animal when the book comes out next year. Something she could give to all the little kids with cancer.

Christina said...

Seriously, this is the BEST dog I have ever met. I'm allergic and I'd keep him if I could.

Lynne said...

He is sooooo cute! He looks like a star to me! I'm in love!

Brookelina said...

Believe it or not, I actually know an animal trainer in Hollywood. Haven't seen her in years, but your post reminded me.

That dog is too cute. He looks a little like Mr. Winkle!

MoDigli said...

Now I get it! :)
Hero is amazingly cute; and I think stuffed animals for the sick children is a fabulous idea!

I had actually tried to read the comic before, but couldn't quite find my way to the right spot. Thanks for those links.

I loved both episodes you linked there. Particularly the epilogue; which I see now is where the kid sis and mom's cancer blogs pick up.

This is actually reminding me of something I've been wanting to blog about. You'll see it soon enough! :)

BTW, can't wait to see Hero in the movies. :)

Anonymous said...

OMFG, he's so adorable!

(Where's his avacado?)

Can I get a stuffed animal as a friend of the family?


PS. Is Stat jealous of Hero's beautiful vanity shot? Thinking of maybe a perm and an ear job so he can be as cute as Hero?

MoDigli said...

Hey KS ~ Just read the whole comic from beginning to end. Wow! What an amazing story. :)) I feel like I know you so much better now. And, I guess, it's appropriate that I did it all in reverse chronological order(just like blogs!): Finding your blog first, then reading the comic!

Now I have to go read Mom's Recovery! ....


Anonymous said...

Hey NP,

Have you seen this site? Famous films re-enacted by bunnies in 30 seconds. Too funny.


Kid Sis said...

Christina, you can Aunt-sit anytime!

Funnigirl, :) So are we! He really is that loving and intelligent, too! Every morning I'm greeted with a fast tail wag and a scamper over to me!

Brooke, Mr. Winkle!!!! Gosh, if only we could have thought of that marketing idea first. How much money have those people made????

Modigli, thanks for reading the comic!!!! That's very cool. Glad you liked it and Hero. Mom really wants to do the stuffed animals...we're starting to research manufacturers and such, if any of you brilliant people have any ideas or leads...?

NN, we keep taking the avadados away from him. He's soooo fat!!!! Still ten pounds!! But really cute that way. I think Stat IS jealous. or at least Stat's Mom is. Doggy pedicures can't be too far away...And yes, you will get a stuffed Hero. I'll go try to look at that bunny site, although Mom's computer doesn't have speakers.

ronnie said...

A STAR is born!

Hero stuffed animals for kids with cancer? YES! Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes NO! No! No no no no no! Why only kids with cancer? Why not grown-ups with cancer too???? For that matter, give him to kids and grown-up with cancer and SELL him as a fundraiser to everybody else. I'd sure buy one...

ronnie (what a face...)

The Dummy said...

Whoah, how weird. Bat, cat, dog, brat?

Kid Sis said...

Ronnie, good idea! I like it!
Isn't he unbelievable? So full of love and enthusiasm.

Dating Dummy, he's all that and a bag of chips!

amanda said...

He's GORGEOUS. Your brother did a great job drawing him. Of course he looks a little like a cartoon in real life, but whatever.

It's been almost a year since I first found Mom's Cancer. The story about your mom's birthday party reminded me of last Christmas.

My father's the oldest in his family, so we host Christmas Eve. Everyone was concerned about what kind of shape she'd be in - would she even make it downstairs? But because my dad and I had done all of the preparatory work for the holiday, she said that she was more rested at Christmas than she'd ever been. EVER.

I can't wait to buy the book. And I REALLY can't wait to buy a little stuffed Hero.

ronnie said...

"And I REALLY can't wait to buy a little stuffed Hero."

Okay, now I want a sandwich...


Kid Sis said...

Amanda, so glad you're back!!!!

Thanks for reading, and continuing to read. We're excited to hear you want a stuffed Hero...makes Mom think she's onto something worth pursuing!!!!! Thanks for sharing your Christmas story. So loving.

Ronnie, yum...

Anonymous said...

Agree with your friend that Hero looks like Mr. Winkle. A friend in Ventura County told me about Mr. Winkle.

There is a woman called Hero in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. I loved the movie version with Emma Thompson and Kate Beckinsdale.