Monday, June 27, 2005

So Tired

I just got home from the doctor's office now at five pm. Nurse Sis and I left to take Mom in at 9 am this morning, and I'm the first one home.

Mom's sugar levels were over five hundred this morning. FIVE HUNDRED. That's ridiculous. 80-120 is the safe level. They should have admitted her into the hospital last Friday when she was bouncing between three hundred and four hundred. But no, the weekend on-call medical community wanted to wait for her to have the risk of congestive heart failure and a diabetic coma.

Mom's regular doctor is trying to admit her to the hospital to regulate her insulin levels for 3 days and then get her into a care facility to start some serious phsyical rehab - but there are still twenty patients in front of her waiting to be admitted. So Nurse Sis and Mom are going to have to sit there all night, and possibly all of Tuesday night, until a bed opens up. Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!

I came home for the dogs, and of course I'm totally chopped liver to them. Stat is ignoring me, and Hero is running around like a madman whining for Mom.


Funnigirl said...

Playing the waiting game of medical care is so exhausting, frustrating, and utterly ridiculous.

Hug the doggies and hold down the fort.

MoDigli said...

Still keeping the candle lit here in Ohio. Best of luck!

MoDigli said...

PS. Actually, I'm on candle #2! ha! :)

Kid Sis said...

That's great!!! Mom says thanks!!!