Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Straight Plan For the Gay Man on Comedy Central. Try to catch it. Very fun. None of my gays need it...they all read hetero already, which is tres convenient for me in My Best Friend's Wedding situations ("Come ON, just hold my hand and pretend to LIKE me!").

Had a great time last night at my last UCLA lecture class, and drinking afterwards with my friends (who all rock...I really love these people). I'm an official graduate now.

The agents/managers panel was very informative. They've given us their email addresses to pitch them, and most importantly told us they don't care if we were trained in the MFA program or the Professional Program, UCLA is all that matters. Whew! Just saved $45,000 and two years. I took copious notes, so if my shoulder stops hurting soon, I'll try to post some info here (I pulled a muscle yesterday...darn Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo).

Thank you for the writing encouragement. I'm going to go hit it now, sans chocolate.

If you want a Goonies sequel, go here to help Spielberg get it greenlit. (?) Who turns him down? Gosh! Idiots!

And for the record, two things that don't make me smile: Brett Ratner directing X3, and the death of the great Anne Bancroft. I just watched her last week again in GI Jane and Up at the Villa. Fabulous actor and woman. I went to college with her son, and Mel Brooks is probably the single biggest influence on me. My condolences.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I just heard about Anne a little while ago, R.I.P sweet lady. Married to Mel since 1956, that rocks. Do you know that The Graduate is my #1 Alltime Fave Film? Yep, I'm the guy that cleans up in Trivial Pursuit with Graduate questions. In fact I think I'll crack out the dvd tonight in her honor...

Kid Sis said...

ah, that's great. I think she's a queen.

Otis Frampton said...

The first film I ever saw her in was the "To Be Or Not To Be" remake with her husband. Still a favorite of mine . . . just got an Asian bootleg of it off of eBay! :)

She'll be missed.

True Story: When I was in junior high, I won a "create a poster" contest for PETA (or some animal rights blah-de-blah). The prize was money and meeting "Anne Bancroft". Of course, I thought it was the acrtess. Nope. It was the OTHER Anna Bancroft. The explorer. I was NOT happy.


Kid Sis said...


So funny. And so true about our society...bring on the Stars, dammit!

Otis Frampton said...

Oh, and why the long face over Ratner directing X3? His credits may include some crap, but thought Red Dragon was a really good adaption of the book. It bodes well for him dealing with adapted material. Plus, it showed he can handle dark/intese, which X3 should be if Phoenix comes into play. I grew up on Bryne/Claremont X-Men, and Ratner doesn't worry me at all.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the PP graduation! That's wonderful.

(Of course, I think the 2-year MFA program is only $12K total for in-state residents like you. It's out-of-staters that pay the big bucks! The PP is $4.5K for one year, right? Sounds like a bargain!)


Kid Sis said...

Otis, mmmnnn...no. Appreciate your effort, but we'll have to agree to disagree. And I'm not too stoked on the writers of Elektra being involved, either. Looks like they're gonna blow it.